Neave picking up rock salt for commercial clientReady for battle? The snow and ice have hit New York and Connecticut early this year. We get a lot of questions from Neave Snow and Ice Management customers about how best to keep commercial properties clear of ice and snow — and safe for customers.

It’s a crucial topic. Left unattended, snow and ice can block the entrance to your property, cause slip-and-fall injuries, as well as accumulate on rooftops and cause catastrophic cave-ins. All of this can lead to serious property damage and sometimes lethal consequences for your employees and visitors.

This is no time to make mistakes.

Neave has worked with hundreds of commercial property owners over the decades. We have the answers.

Here are 5 common commercial snow removal mistakes and how you can avoid them on your New York or Connecticut commercial property.

Mistake #1: Lack Of A Plan

Neave removing snow from commercial propertyKeeping a commercial property clear of snow and ice is a big job. It doesn’t just happen. You need a clear, defined plan of attack.

Neave Snow and Ice Management use satellite imaging to get a bird’s-eye view of your property. The imaging measures your parking lot’s square footage and your sidewalk’s linear footage. It maps hills, loading docks, and handicap parking spaces so we can figure exactly how much equipment, how many employees and how much salt and other materials your property will need.

Then the experts at Neave print large satellite photos of your property with all the details marked, including what areas to attack in what order.

Armed with such complete and detailed information, Neave creates a plan to clear your property quickly and efficiently.

Mistake # 2: Poor Timing

When a big storm is about to hit, timing is everything.

When the temperature dips below about 15 degrees, salt for snow removal doesn’t work. Applying it then is a waste of time and money. Neave knows when salt works and when it’s best to wait, and we act accordingly.

Neave pretreats its commercial customers’ properties with its own mix of salt brine, a liquid salt mixture, to help prevent ice from forming and keep snow from sticking.

Mistake #3: Trusting Inaccurate Weather Forecasts

Ice management by NeaveA typical weather forecast might offer predictions for a broad area of New York or Connecticut. But you want to know when the snow will start piling up in your parking lot.

Neave Snow and Ice Management rely on Weather Works Inc. of New Jersey, which offers customized up-to-date weather forecasts based on the ZIP codes of Neave customers. Then we share that information with you. So you’ll know exactly what kind of weather to expect, and when.

Mistake #4: Poor Communication

Maybe you thought your commercial snow removal company would show up as soon as a half inch of snow piled up. But 2 inches later, they’re still not there. Where are they? Cue the stress.

At Neave, we keep in close contact with our customers so you know exactly what to expect. If we plan to pre-treat your property with salt brine a few hours before a storm hits, we’ll let you know. And we’ll tell you when to expect our plows to show up. No need to wonder. Or panic.

Mistake #5: Underestimating Equipment Needs

So you thought the high-end snow blower you bought on sale last year would clear your property just fine. Then the wall of snow arrived.

This is a job for trucks and plows, especially when we’re talking about large commercial properties with multiple parking lots, sidewalks and driveways.

It takes a whole fleet of properly maintained and prepared equipment to handle all levels of snow and ice accumulation on a commercial property.

Remember the satellite imaging we talked about earlier? That’s how Neave knows exactly how much equipment we need to clear your property of snow and ice quickly, professionally and safely.

Give Neave A Call

Neave Snow and Ice Management will work with commercial property managers to create a fully customized snow and ice removal management plan that completely addresses all of your needs.

We’re fully insured, offer the highest level of customer service and have years of experience. Our commitment to excellence has put us among Snow Magazine’s Top 100 snow contractors in North America.

We’re on call 24/7 for emergencies, and pride ourselves on being proactive, preemptive and professional. We’ll make sure your business remains operational, accessible and safe during the winter season.

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