Commercial Property Enhancement Services

In addition to our landscape management services, we also provide the best commercial property enhancement services for businesses, retail centers and other commercial sites throughout New York. Our landscape design teams have access to a variety of resources from our dedicated divisions that can help bring any project you have to a vibrant reality. Give your establishment’s structures a modern look or enhance the functionality of your property with additions that offer your clients and customers more.

Group of people around a firepit showcasing the inviting and upscale outdoor living space offered by our commercial property enhancement services

Property enhancements can include simple additions, such as water features or updated professional landscaping design. Improve the quality of life at your company by building luscious seating areas for your employees, or go the extra mile by offering them an athletic recreation center. Neave Group Landscape Management can offer a massive variety of amazing property enhancements for a wide range of different clientele.

We customize our services to the size and focus of your business. We work with many different types of property owners, such as restaurant owners, community centers and office buildings. Our approach offers a creative and sophisticated style that appeals to the most discerning client, enhancing commercial property value.

Neave Group Landscape Management frequently accesses resources from divisions like Neave Masonry, Neave Sports or Neave Aquatics. Since these divisions are dedicated to specific services, you can be sure that the craftsmanship, design, and installation offerings are of the highest Neave standards! Here is a brief list of some of the commercial property enhancements we can offer you:

Must Do Commercial Property Enhancement Services

We provide the following professional property enhancement services to New York and New Jersey: 

Commercial Landscape Design

Neave Management’s landscape designers consider many factors, including but not limited to property functions, how people use landscaped spaces, missing features that would add value and integration of new landscape enhancements with existing plantings and architectural features.

Commercial Planting and Gardening

Whether it’s landscapes, native plants, container gardens, rain gardens, or seasonal plantings — our commercial planting services can do a great job of bringing color to your landscape. Incorporating trees can serve as windbreaks and provide shade, effectively mitigating heating and cooling costs in the long term. Our certified landscape professionals have the horticultural knowledge, field experience and creativity to introduce color, texture and interest to your landscape.

A wonderful display of purple and pink flowers on a well maintained property

For our clients in New York and Connecticut, we offer the following additional construction services:  

Water Features and Pools

We design and build backyard or outdoor pools that can be integrated seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Our innovative and holistic design visions ensure your luxury swimming pool turns out perfectly.

View of woodland area with infinity pool that helped boost property value and visual appeal

Sitting Areas

We provide custom design elements and sitting area installations that are exclusive to your property. As a business owner, having unique spaces can help your property stand out from competitors and increase foot traffic and sales.

Site Drainage

We specialize in infiltration systems and other storm drain water management systems. We can help you maximize the benefits of rainwater in your area.


If you are interested in conserving water using drip irrigation, we are here to provide the highest standard of excellence in the industry.  We are dedicated to designing, installing and maintaining your smart irrigation systems.


Illuminate your business outdoor space with Neave Lighting. Our outdoor solutions team designs and installs outdoor lighting to enhance your business beautifully and create the well-lit outdoor space that you need.

Sports Fields, Athletic Courts and Putting Greens

We specialize in custom-made athletic court surfaces for commercial properties. Our expert craftsmanship and amazing customer service ensure that your vision comes to life. When it comes to enjoying the sports you love, Neave Group’s sports construction management professionals have your game.

A custom made putting green on a well landscaped property

Are you tired of not getting what you pay for? We understand that every commercial property is unique and requires different services, which is why we offer fully customizable design plans for each of our clients. We make sure that the funds you allocate to your project are well spent. No job is too big or too small for us. Talk to us through our form to discuss your design plans, and let us show you how we can serve as your sole destination for the best in commercial property enhancement services! To learn more, contact us today at (845) 463-0592 for Hudson Valley, (914) 271-7996 for Westchester, or (203) 212-4800 for Connecticut.

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