Commercial Lawn Care & Maintenance

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An attractive, healthy landscape builds a positive brand image and first impression. It elevates property value and improves tenant retention while creating a pleasing experience for guests and other stakeholders. Commercial lawn care is a critical aspect of caring for your property, and Neave Group, a leading lawn care company in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, can guarantee quality that exceeds the industry standard.

Dedicated Landscape Maintenance Professionals

Neave assigns a dedicated commercial lawn care crew of trained professionals to your property for its regular maintenance. They consistently service your property, getting to know the site so they can recommend strategies for tree trimming, minimizing weeds, disease, pests, and other lawn health concerns. We act as an extension of your team, consulting with you to enhance the value of your commercial property.

Custom Commercial Lawn Care Services

Neave tailors turf healthcare programs that target your specific commercial landscape maintenance needs. First, we conduct a thorough site analysis to determine what support your property will require to improve its appearance and overall vitality. Our trained professionals gain an intimate understanding of your lawn and landscape. They get to know your property and your goals. Then, we build a lawn care regimen based on our proven methods for optimizing turf health.

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Responsive Property Service

Neave will accommodate your scheduling needs, providing up to three lawn care visits per week based on your property’s size and the lawn care program scope. With Neave Landscape Management as a single source for all of your commercial lawn care maintenance needs, you can connect directly with an account manager who understands your property. Each season, we will review your property so we can customize landscaping services to address specific needs.

Our Commercial Lawn Care Services include:

Free Lawn Analysis – Neave Commercial Lawn Maintenance specialists will conduct a thorough review of your property to examine the turf, soil conditions, plant health, and other factors. This way, we can outline an action plan to address your property’s needs and achieve your lawn care goals.

Turf Care – Our comprehensive turf health care program includes fertilization and weed control, and ongoing monitoring to properly identify and mitigate lawn problems. We have more than 50 years of experience delivering quality turf healthcare programs to commercial sites across New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

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Plant Health Care & Pest Control – Tailored plant life health care programs are designed to manage common diseases and pests, and to deliver the nutrition plants need to thrive in your commercial landscape.

Core Aeration – Compacted soil and thatch buildup can prevent nutrients, water and oxygen from properly circulating and reaching turf roots. Core aeration is the solution. By mechanically removing plugs of soil from your commercial site, we can improve turf health and vitality. Core aeration is a cultural practice that enhances the results of a lawn care program.

Overseeding – Restore thinning turf areas and fill in the lawn with lush, healthy new grass. First, we’ll perform a thorough soil analysis to ensure seeds have the best chance to thrive. Our team can help your property achieve ideal soil conditions for growing new turf.

Pruning – Pruning improves plant health, appearance and longevity. Neave commercial property pruning services are customized to address the specific trees, shrubs and plants on your property.

Snow and Ice ManagementSafety is our top priority, which is why our dedicated snow and ice management teams work around the clock in winter to clear your entranceways, walkways, parking lots and high-traffic areas. Our snow removal services are scaled for any size of commercial property.

Event, Seasonal and Holiday Decorating – Neave Décor adds ambiance indoors and outdoors for your commercial property. Our talented award-winning design team can create a custom decor design for your property for your customers, clients and employees to enjoy. We can even decorate your next holiday party.

Property Enhancements Is it time to spruce up an entrance to improve curb appeal, plant containers with seasonal color, or plan an outdoor living space? Neave’s experienced design team has ideas for commercial property enhancement services, and our installation crews execute the plan depending on the square footage of the landscape area and property types.

Plant Replacement – Plants can outgrow landscape beds, and over time some plants simply age out. Replacing plants that are not thriving is important for your commercial property’s overall appearance and health. A Neave specialist will thoroughly assess plants and help you achieve the greatest return on your investment with our outdoor plant replacement service.

Seasonal Color Programs – Changing out annuals in landscape flower beds and containers keeps your commercial landscaping looking fresh and relevant. Seasonal color is a great way to experiment with on-trend plants and color schemes, and our plant specialists can suggest many appealing combinations.

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Partner with Neave Landscape Management

As one of the leading commercial lawn care companies servicing New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, we are dedicated to creating a stunning outdoor space for your commercial property. Other landscapers may have similar services but what sets us above them is that we are committed to delivering the standard of care that impresses guests, attracts tenants and improves the value of commercial properties and improve their business. Neave group, the best commercial landscaping company, is centered around building relationships and providing the best landscaping work and service. Contact us today!

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