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When winter gives you the cold shoulder, Neave Group Commercial Management is there to warm you with the comfort of the best snow removal and ice management services in the area. Keep your entranceways and walkways safely clear of hazards while ensuring the safety of your loyal customers and dedicated employees. We are equipped to provide services of any scale of commercial property with unparalleled service offerings.

Neave Snow Shoveling

Our Process

Your program with Neave begins with a thorough inspection of your commercial property. One of our highly trained technicians will visit you and survey the entire scope of your outdoor space, identifying potential hazard zones while also conversing with your property managers to familiarize themselves with key problem areas. Understanding the area is important to us so that we can systemically identify what your situation is and create an efficient and effective solution.

Professional Management Plans

Our services are offered on a scheduled, per-push or per-event basis and you can choose whichever method is best suited for you and your commercial property. You’ll be able to build an action plan with our staffers by selecting from a wide variety of management services including:

  • Snow stacking – Our plows and staffers relocate snow on your property and stack it in the desired location such as the corner of the parking lot.
  • Snow hauling – Snow is removed from your property and taken off-site.
  • Roof Snow and Ice Removal – We will perform a full roof snow removal on a scheduled or per-push basis to proactively prevent property damage from the weight of accumulated snow and ice.
  • Sidewalk, Ramp and Walkway Clearing – Provide safe passage on all high transit areas of your property for your customers, clients, and employees.
  • Bulk Anti-Ice Liquid and Salt Supply – We also offer mass quantities of ice fighting agents at a fantastic value that your own maintenance crews can administer.

Don’t let mother nature take control of your commercial property when the climate is at its most destructive.

Contact us today online or give us a call at (845) 463-0592 for Hudson Valley, (914) 271-7996 for Westchester, (203) 212-4800 for Connecticut, or (201) 591-4570 for New Jersey businesses!

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