Plant Replacement

Commercial property plant replacement is a much more complicated task then it seems, which is why enlisting the help of the professionals at Neave Group is a must. Shortened life cycles for plant life can be the result of poor root structure, contaminated groundwater, lack of sunlight or unexpected vandalism. In many cases, it is merely a case of “the wrong plant in the wrong place”.

When plants are reaching the end of their life cycle unexpectedly, it can quickly downgrade the outdoor aesthetic of a commercial property. That’s why Neave Group is proactive during lawn maintenance visits, inspecting your plant life for signs and indicators of health. If there is any need for you to use our service, we will perform the job thoroughly with a sense of urgency to restore the desired outdoor appearance.

Neave Group specialists will inspect the area to determine the cause of the plant’s demise before simply replacing it. We will see if there are any unnatural causes that will affect any new plant life in that specific area and make recommendations on what types of plants might be better suited as an alternative. Our teams will perform a complete clean up of the area before inserting any new plants. The point of plant replacement is not just to restore the area to a full and luscious state, but to also ensure that it is a sustainable situation for the plant life growing there.

Everyone at Neave Group is knowledgeable in flowers, plant life and the conditions required to get the most out of your plant life. We put that know-how to work going further than our competitors so that you can rest assured that your plants will flourish and keep your property looking great.

A common mistake that is made is choosing aesthetics over sustainability. This is a harmless error and one that we can help correct by offering advice and recommendations that will allow you to select more appropriate flowers for the conditions provided by your commercial property. If you require a complete service, contact us today for the very best care in the industry.

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