Commercial Property Pruning

Plant Health Care and Pruning for Commercial Properties

Plants are a defining characteristic of your commercial property, and proper care will maintain their health, vitality and appearance. Neave Landscape Management offers a menu of plant healthcare offerings performed by certified, trained professionals who take an individualized approach to every tree, shrub and plant.

Our tailored pruning and plant health care programs are designed to beautify, protect and enhance the plants on your commercial property.

Refine the Landscape

Coral Charm Peony Flower

Neatly trimmed shrubs to remove dead branches and carefully pruned trees contribute to the overall beauty of your landscape. As a business owner, regular tree trimming and commercial tree pruning  on your landscape is essential not only for aesthetic purposes but as well as for the safety of your customers.

Our plant healthcare crews bring their horticultural expertise to your commercial grounds, using the proper tools to assure expert cuts. The outcome is a more vibrant, resilient landscape.

Prune for Safety 

 landscaping and pruning services for commercial property owner and commercial clients

Beyond curb appeal, pruning is important for removing branches that block views or could create a hazard for people visiting your property. Regular pruning to remove dead, dying or compromised limbs also helps prevent storm damage and potential liabilities associated with falling branches. Our specialized team performs directional and formative pruning, along with crown reduction.

Extend the Life of Plants 

Scheduled maintenance for plants will help prolong their life and maximize your investment in the landscape. Regular pruning and plant health care can prevent disease and insects, which sometimes can go undetected until serious damage is done. Our knowledgeable landscape team can identify signs early; and our customized plant health care programs will prevent these problems.

Align Landscape Services

Pruning services can be performed during regular commercial property maintenance visits. Your account manager can coordinate services based on the needs of individual plants and trees on your commercial site, and seamlessly schedule pruning and plant health care visits.

Pruning and Plant Health Care for Total Maintenance 

A comprehensive landscape maintenance strategy includes caring for plants. Regularly scheduled trimming and a plant healthcare program performed by our expert team will enhance the beauty of your commercial property —and protect your investment so you can avoid disease and costly plant replacement.

Check the status of your commercial property’s plants in a timely manner and go in with a plan to protect them. We’ll provide a free site assessment. Fill out our contact form to learn more about plant health care and pruning maintenance. Or, call us in Hudson Valley at 845-463-0592, Westchester at 914-271-7996, Connecticut at 203-212-4800 and New Jersey at 201-591-4570.

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