Neave Group is the epitome of excellence in commercial property maintenance for Morris County, New Jersey. As an award-winning commercial property management and landscaping company, we’ve set the gold standard and consistently raised the bar in delivering unparalleled property management services tailored to the distinct needs of commercial properties. Our solid reputation in Morris County, New Jersey, is built on trust, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of perfection.

With a deep understanding of the local landscape and climate of Morris County and the unique challenges it presents, we’ve crafted solutions that cater specifically to the New Jersey region’s demands. Our New Jersey commercial property maintenance and management company, equipped with state-of-the-art tools and backed by years of experience, ensures that every project we undertake resonates with our commitment to excellence and the specific needs of Morris County, NJ, businesses.

Our dedicated property maintenance team, armed with cutting-edge tools and a wealth of experience, approaches each project with a meticulous eye, ensuring every detail aligns with our unwavering commitment to excellence. With Neave Group as your property management company, you’re not just getting basic property maintenance service but investing in a partnership that prioritizes your New Jersey property’s aesthetic appeal and functional aspirations. Whether located in Boonton, Chattham, Denville, Hanover, Long Hill Township, Mine Hill, Mount Arlington, Parsippany, Rockaway, or Wharton, you can trust Neave Group to provide top-notch services.

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Why Partner with Neave Group for Property Maintenance?

commercial landscaping in Morris County, NJ
  • Unwavering Commitment: Our reputation is built on trust and the consistent delivery of exceptional commercial property maintenance services. Property owners across Morris County vouch for our unwavering commitment to quality and precision.
  • Design Craftsmanship: At Neave Group, design is more than just aesthetics; it’s about creating experiences. Each project is a canvas, and our team paints a picture of elegance, ensuring your commercial property resonates with visitors and tenants alike.
  • Year-Round Assurance: Seasons change, but our dedication doesn’t. From the vibrant hues of summer to the serene blanket of winter, we’re by your side whether you need garden maintenance or parking lots cleared. Your properties will exude charm and remain safe and functional throughout the year.

We provide our commercial property management services to many areas throughout Morris County, including: 

  • Boonton Township
  • East Hanover
  • Jefferson Township
  • Mendham Township
  • Morristown
  • Mount Olive
  • Randolph
  • Riverdale
  • Victory Gardens
  • Washington Township

A Tradition of Excellence

At Neave Group, our legacy is built on unwavering dedication to excellence. We’ve been at the forefront of the commercial property maintenance industry for nearly half a century, setting benchmarks and redefining standards. Our journey began with a simple yet profound vision: to offer unparalleled commercial property maintenance and management services that meet and exceed client expectations.

Landscape Maintenance in Morris County

commercial property owners loving shrub care from Neave's commercial landscaping services

Beyond aesthetic appeal, our landscape property maintenance combines art and science. Our seasoned team, backed by years of horticultural expertise, ensures your commercial spaces look inviting and promote a healthier environment. From soil analysis to plant selection, we consider every detail to maintain a thriving landscape. Our tailored turf health care and landscape weekly maintenance programs are designed to enhance your property’s appearance, health, and safety. Our expert horticultural crews also offer meticulous pruning services, removing diseased branches, reshaping trees and shrubs, and ensuring clear sightlines.

We also offer weekly commercial property maintenance plans, property enhancements, seasonal color programs, plant replacement, and specialty garden management to keep your landscape fresh and vibrant throughout the year.

If you’re located in Middlebury, Chester, Florham Park, Morris Plains, Morris Township, Pequannock, or Roxbury, we’re here to ensure your business’s exterior landscape thrives all year.

Commercial Snow & Ice Removal in Morris County

Snow plow operator clearing snow from a commercial property with heavy-duty snow plow machine

New Jersey winters can be unpredictable, but our commercial snow removal services are a constant. With state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated crew, we work tirelessly to ensure your commercial properties and parking lots remain safe and accessible, no matter the snowfall. 

Our ISO 9001 / SN9001 certified team offers a comprehensive range of commercial snow removal services, including snow stacking, hauling, sidewalk, ramp, and walkway clearing. We also provide office buildings with bulk anti-ice liquid and salting supplies, ensuring your property remains slip-free throughout the winter season. Our detailed approach starts with an in-depth assessment of your business premises, pinpointing areas of concern and gaining insight into primary issues. 

We offer flexible commercial snow removal services tailored to your needs, encompassing options like snow piling, snow transportation, rooftop snow and ice clearance, among others.

Holiday & Event Decorating in Morris County

Image of Neave Outdoor Solutions, your local commercial landscaping company doing Holiday Decorating in Morris County

Celebrate the holiday season with Neave Group’s customizable decorating solutions. Whether a grand holiday display or a subtle seasonal touch, our designs will captivate and enhance your property’s ambiance. We manage the entire process, from conceptualization to setup and storage. 

Our innovative design team can also craft dynamic displays with shifting colors, assuring your commercial property shines uniquely for every event. Neave Group property management company services a diverse clientele throughout New Jersey, including malls, shopping centers, restaurants, and more. From indoor and outdoor holiday decorating to event-specific decor, our award-winning property management services transform commercial properties into festive wonderlands. 

We provide various decorative solutions, from custom designs and constructions to Santa-themed villages, immersive park experiences, and majestic trees. Our partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers and our commitment to continuous training ensure that our designs resonate with the unique character of each space, making every occasion memorable.

Begin Your Commerical Property Maintenance Journey with Neave Group

Professional landscaper pruning and trimming trees and plants in a well-maintained commercial property.

At Neave Group, we believe that every commercial property has the potential to be a masterpiece, and our passion lies in unlocking that potential. Our commitment goes beyond mere transformation; we aim to promptly elevate every space into unparalleled beauty and functionality.

When you choose Neave Group for property management services, you choose a team that views landscaping as an art form, where every detail is crafted with precision and care. Our holistic approach ensures your property is visually stunning, sustainable, resilient, and thriving across seasons. As we embark on this journey together, our property management experts will be with you at every step, offering insights, crafting solutions, and ensuring your vision is brought to life in its grandest form. 

So, whether you envision a serene oasis or a vibrant, bustling landscape, let Neave Group’s property management services be the catalyst that turns that vision into reality. For a more in-depth look into our commercial property management services, personalized consultations, or to schedule services, reach out to us. Call (201) 591-4570 today, and let’s craft a landscape narrative that stands the test of time.

Our Morris County Services Areas Include:

  • Butler
  • Dover
  • Oxford
  • Harding
  • Kinnelon
  • Lincoln Park
  • Madison
  • Mendham
  • Montville
  • Mountain Lakes
  • Netcong
  • Rockaway Township


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