Whether you’re decking the halls and commercial landscape of your New Jersey property for the holidays, or want to add a seasonal touch for winter, Fourth of July or other times of celebration, Neave Management’s Holiday Décor professionals will design and install a memorable display. We specialize in high-impact, resilient holiday décor that can withstand the elements, and we make the process plug-and-play by supplying design, presentations, maintenance and take-down service. You can preserve your display for the following year with restoration, and spruce up existing holiday décor with fresh accents. As a turn-key partner, Neave Décor is focused on making the seasons bright on your commercial New Jersey Property.

Custom Design and Presentations. Your holiday décor can make a lasting impression and encourage more shopping, dining and overall business on your New Jersey commercial property. We’ll discuss your goals—do you want to offer photo opportunities, promote engagement, create a display that will last all winter, or present a light show? (Maybe the answer is all of the above.) We’ll design holiday décor to accentuate landscape features, align with your brand colors, and appeal to your audience.

Professional Installation. Hanging holiday lights, wreaths and decorations is time-consuming and comes with liability, as well. Our experienced holiday décor professionals have the equipment and skills to safely, efficiently and expertly install holiday displays. We’ll manage every aspect of installation, from ensuring that all features included in the design are prepared for display, testing lights and securing holiday decorations so they can withstand the elements.

Service and Maintenance. While your New Jersey commercial holiday decorations are on display, we’ll be sure all lights are working and tend to wreaths, ribbons and other components that might need service. You can count on the Neave Décor pros to respond immediately to service requests and keep your holiday decorations shining bright.

Take-Down Service and Restoration. As a full-service New Jersey commercial holiday decorations provider, we design, install and take down displays. We can store décor for the next year’s season, and our restoration services will ensure that your investment is thoughtfully preserved.

Partner with the New Jersey Commercial Holiday Decoration Experts

Neave Décor works with premier commercial holiday decorating manufacturers to provide you with innovative, high-quality lights and decorations that you can’t buy on the market. Our talented design team is constantly trendspotting to bring you the latest holiday décor features. Make a professional impression—ask us for a design consultation.

Contact Neave Décor in New Jersey for commercial holiday decorations at 201-591-4570, or fill out this simple form and we’ll get in touch with you.