Well maintained park following property maintenance tips infront of commercial apartment complex

If you’re a property manager or oversee a site like a retail center, office park, HOA, or industrial park, you are also in sales. That’s right. You are competing for tenants, and your property’s amenities — and the guest experience — can encourage long-term occupancy and attract new business. On the other hand, poor curb appeal and a lack of functional outdoor spaces can do just the opposite. One of the most important property maintenance tips is to ensure that your park is well-maintained.

Sure, it’s tempting to DIY a commercial landscape project, like planting containers or installing new entrance landscaping. But again, you’re in business. Your time is a valuable resource. Your responsibilities are ever-expanding. Commercial landscaping is a specialty that requires knowledge, training, equipment and, of course, dedicated time.

There are many reasons to hire a commercial landscape designer that goes beyond performing tasks like planting, pruning, mowing, and enhancing flower beds. An experienced commercial landscape designer is a partner in improving your property value and ensuring that your site is safe, beautiful, relevant, and enticing to those who live, work and play there. Here are several ways a commercial landscaper accomplishes those goals.

Workers maintaining the lawn and plants in the commercial property as part of the property maintenance

Provide Property Maintenance Tips

Do you have an on-site grounds crew that handles mowing, pruning, and general landscaping tasks? If so, a commercial landscape designer is a valuable resource for your team. The designer can offer property maintenance tips to improve plant and turf health, extend the life of all that’s green and growing, and identify areas of improvement. A landscape designer is a go-to for in-house crews. And if you do not have a staff, a commercial landscape provider can manage ongoing property maintenance in a turn-key way.

Clean and properly maintained park

Suggest Landscape Design Ideas

Landscape designers are naturally creative and bring ideas to the table for ways your commercial property can look and function better. Because every property is different, site assessments give you a chance to walk your property with a landscape designer, discuss goals and explore possibilities. How can a patch of unused green space be repurposed? What missing outdoor amenities would drive traffic, elevate the experience, and separate your property from the rest? These are questions you can discuss with a landscape designer. (Did we mention landscape designers are excellent problem-solvers?)

Gazebo garden tent

Plan and Budget for Landscape Projects

What’s on your landscape bucket list? Does your commercial property need more outdoor gathering spaces to accommodate retail and restaurant guests? Does your office park need an updated entrance that aligns with your brand? Does your HOA’s outdated landscaping and flower beds need a fresh vision and more low-maintenance plantings that are easier to care for?

We all have needs. An experienced landscape designer will help you prioritize and budget for projects on your commercial site based on which improvements are most needed and will deliver the greatest return on investment.

Well manicured lawn and hedge

Answer Your Commercial Landscape Design Questions

At the end of the day, your trusted commercial landscape designer is a resource you can rely on to answer questions about landscape maintenance tips, the latest landscaping trends, and outdoor projects that will improve your property’s value.

When you work with a landscape designer that is a true partner, you have a specialist you can turn to for advice, consultation, idea sharing, project management, planning, and budgeting. So you see, the relationship is so much more than design and build. It’s all about collaboration.

Request a Free Consultation and Site Visit

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