Guardian welcome desk with foliageLush, generous, attractive—these are defining characteristics of Christmas greenery decorations that are specifically designed for commercial use. Size does matter because store-bought greenery made for homes will shrink in appearance when installed in retail, corporate or office settings, where outdoor spaces are larger, ceilings are taller, and the overall scale of buildings and surroundings calls for decorations that are more substantial. In other words, the 5-inch thick garland you pick up from a box store will look downright puny on a commercial Christmas tree or strung along a display at a shopping center.

Your property’s Christmas greenery deserves to stand out—and to create a memorable impression on guests and employees, or anyone who works, shops, dines, visits or simply experiences your grounds during the holiday season. Commercial-grade foliage stands out and stands up to harsh winter weather, too.

As you consider seasonal decorations, here’s what to know about commercial wreaths and Christmas garland so you can select greenery that is suitable for your New York, Connecticut or New Jersey property.

Well-Rounded Commercial Wreaths

Wreath hanging from Honda dealer signWreaths made for commercial properties are big and full and can be used indoors and outdoors. They can range in size from 2 ft. to 16 ft. and run even larger for custom wreaths made to hang on the side of a building or in a spacious atrium. Artificial greenery is convenient and long-lasting so you can reuse wreaths for many seasons. After all, these pieces are an investment—though a professional holiday décor company like Neave Décor will offer rental options. Commercial wreaths are not only thicker, the greenery is UV-protected so the color will resist fading. Wreaths can be pre-lit with LED Christmas lights to stand out after dusk.

Commercial-Grade Christmas Garland 

foliage decorated walkway at outdoor shopping centerGreenery comes in a range of thickness “grades,” and the thickness determines its durability. Thickness is measured by tip count, so the higher the number the thicker the wreath. If Christmas garland (or a wreath) has a high tip count, you won’t need to use a lot of additional decorations to fill out the look.

The commercial-grade garland we use at Neave Décor is generally 14 inches thick, while the Christmas garland you’d purchase at a store to hang in your home is usually 5 or 6 inches thick. Also, commercial-grade garland comes on reels and can be customized to suit your property’s holiday theme.

Bigger, Better Bows for Christmas Greenery 

Escalator with foliage decor on handrailChristmas wreath bows can quickly go from spectacular to shabby in an outdoor display. Flimsy ribbon simply won’t hold up outdoors—and the materials designed for use in a residential setting are not as robust and can degrade the look of your Christmas greenery. On the other hand, commercial holiday bows are made from materials that will not fade and retain their shape. They are scaled to suit larger wreaths and thick garland and designed to last longer than one season.

Deck the Halls with Commercial Christmas Décor 

Don’t settle for store-bought, basic garland, wreaths and bows that can deflate the overall appeal of your holiday display. Your commercial property requires professional-grade Christmas greenery to make the impact you expect. Let our professional holiday decorators handle all of the design and installation details for your commercial property. Neave Décor assists with design, installation, maintenance and take-down services.

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