white pergola surrounded by bushes and treesSpring cleaning applies to landscapes, too. After a thorough, professional clean-up to remove leftover leaves and other green debris from beds, many of our commercial property managers feel inspired to refresh the look with some new plant picks. Annuals require seasonal color changes, but other good reasons to consider planting some new varieties are to replace high-maintenance plants that require more care than hardy natives. Also, plants do expire over time, so removing plants that are damaged or prone to disease will keep landscape beds looking fresh, healthy and attractive.

We always recommend property enhancements such as plant replacement into the commercial landscape maintenance budget so you have some leeway for unexpected new plantings and for fun plant refreshes.

As we move into spring and summer, here are a half dozen plant picks for 2021 that will thrive in your New York, Connecticut or New Jersey landscape.

A Solid Foundation—Boxwood 

We consider the boxwood a commercial landscape staple because it can be neatly pruned into shape, offers a shot of green color against buildings, is easy to care for and widely available. Boxwood can withstand harsh, New England winters and aside from seasonal trimming, requires very little maintenance. As a compact shrub, boxwood grows to about 2 feet tall, so it can be incorporated with other plants in a bed without taking over.

A Colorful Perennial—Eastern Purple Coneflower

The domed centers of echinacea purpurea attract birds and butterflies, which might be a feature your guests will appreciate. Property managers like that this native perennial returns every year, so it’s a budget-wise pick that is also a native plant. Also important, the Eastern Purple Coneflower adds a splash of color to commercial landscape beds.

Natural Privacy—Green Giant Arborvitae

For large commercial properties that require anchor plants in beds to sites that demand more privacy, the Green Giant Arborvitae is large, fast-growing and grows up to 3 feet per year until it achieves maturity at 50 to 60 feet tall with a 12- to 20-foot spread, according to the Arbor Day Foundation.

Versatile & Vigorous—Hosta Hybrid

The Proven Winners Host of the Year is this plant pick with ruffled leaves that have cream margins. The foliage produces light lavender flowers in summer. The Hosta Hybrid is a shade-loving variety that needs moist, rich soil. In the right conditions, it can grow up to 18 inches tall with a spread of 28 to 30 inches. Hostas are excellent filler plants in beds and can also stand alone. You can’t go wrong with this 2021 pick for your commercial property.

A Classic—Hydrangea 

Proven Winners flagged Hydrangea Serrata as its pick of the year among this variety. Why? It’s one of the most prolific bloomers with double florets in blue or pink, depending on how acidic your soil is. With Hydrangea Serrata, you’ll get blooms all summer long. What we also like is how the buds are more cold-tolerant for our region. You can expect this plant to grow 24 to 36 inches tall.

Colorful Shrubbery—Kodiak Orangediervilla

Another Proven Winners 2021 Plant of the Year is this landscape shrub that is a durable, native plant and grows well in sun or shade. If you want to add more color to a landscape bed, you can look beyond the green and go for this plant with bright, orange foliage and yellow flowers. According to the grower, it’s an eco-friendly alternative to burning bush. As for size, Kodiak Orangediervilla can reach up to 48 inches high, so it will become about twice the size of a boxwood. Keep this in mind if you’re replacing more compact shrubs. Maintenance is carefree, with this plant requiring only a light shrub pruning service in the spring.

Refresh for Spring—and Remember Core Maintenance 

Enhancing landscape beds with new lawn replacement plants for 2021 is a great way to go into a new season, especially after a long year of feeling shut-in. We’re all ready to get out! As you plan for landscape improvements to your commercial property, remember the importance of ongoing commercial landscape maintenance. Neave Management’s experienced team of certified professionals is prepared to give your property the premier treatment it deserves.

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