Warmer weather and sunny skies mean it’s the ideal time to freshen up the landscape of your commercial properties. The right plantings, water features, and lighting all play an important role in how clients, employees, and future tenants view your property. Whether you’re a retail space, business park or HOA, adding a stunning landscape can establish your property’s outdoor space as a high-end, successful and welcoming environment. That’s why we’ve collected the latest landscaping trends that will create a more attractive and exciting landscape, plus help save you money and time on commercial landscape maintenance and management.

New landscaping trends for outdoor spaces

6 Landscaping Trends for Your Commercial Property

1. Innovative Irrigation

Keeping your plants healthy and preserving water is always a top priority, and that’s why having the right irrigation system is very important especially among establishments that grow more of their own food from their vegetable gardens. Today, there are many effective and smarter irrigation technologies that will help you save on your landscape budget at a lower cost and keep your plant life growing properly. These latest systems include drip irrigation systems that target water where the plants need it the most, rain sensors to help eliminate unnecessary watering, and advanced controllers that adapt to different weather conditions.

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2. Green Roof

Future trends in landscape architectureToday we see more and more commercial properties look to find environmentally-friendly ways to enhance their landscape. One trend that we see many properties taking advantage of is a green roof – these are roofs that are partially or completely covered with vegetation and plant life. Green roofs serve several benefits including, absorbing water, reducing heat loss and energy consumption, and providing insulation. Some commercial properties create small gardens on their green roof to have space that they can use for dinner parties and events. For more information on how to construct a green roof for your property, contact us today.

3. Drought-Tolerant Plants

Imagine having a commercial property full of beautiful lush greenery and vibrant plant life, with half the maintenance. Many commercial properties are switching to drought-tolerant plant life to help with water conservation and lowering costs. Plants like Lavender, Salvia, and Russian Sage all add great color and beauty and need less water than most plants.

4. Placemaking Environments

Landscape design trends that display lush greenery & drought tolerant plants

Placemaking is a popular trend that many landscape architects are taking advantage of when it comes to designing attractive and functional commercial properties. Placemaking is all about creating an appealing space where people will want to gather. Think parks filled with fountains, sculptures, playgrounds, fire pits, living walls, comfortable seating and gorgeous plant life. Placemaking is a great way to create an enjoyable space for both retail or large office park properties.

5. Native Plants

Another great alternative to help with water conservation and lower maintenance costs is using native plant life on your commercial property. Native plants are ideal because they already thrive in your area and that means less maintenance all around. Native plants also help curb invasive species, that is why it is important to add plants into your beds. They are a great way to create a natural-looking environment full of vivid colors and a safe place for birds, butterflies, and small mammals. Contact Neave Landscaping today to get started on the natural garden that’s best for your property.

6. Customized LED Lighting

Great plant life and other eye-popping natural features are a must for any commercial landscape design but don’t forget about adding customized LED lighting to add even more value. They make your space appear more modern and can help highlight all the natural elements surrounding your property. There are a lot of unique and creative ways you can use LED lights, such as LED strips along walkways or stairs, and lights that change colors. Plus, LED lights use up to 75 percent less power and last 20 times longer.

Latest landscaping styles for 2022

Take Control of your Landscape

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