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As a property manager, you’re charged with keeping the grounds in top condition—and managing a budget to maintain the lawn and landscape. It’s a balance, and getting a return on your investment is important. As you review your commercial landscape maintenance services for this season, keep in mind these three strategies that will make the most of your commercial landscape budget while improving property value.

#1 Get a Site Assessment

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How much time has passed since a landscape professional walked your property, evaluated the health of plants, measured turf areas that require mowing, and studied the grading and lay of the land (which impacts drainage)? Often, a site assessment is performed when you sign a landscape maintenance contract—but not all companies do this. If it has been a couple of years since your last assessment, your property is probably due for another. Why? Things change over time. You might have expanded the landscape bed space, which reduces lawn care maintenance needs and could affect the cost of this service. Or, perhaps you switched out higher-maintenance plants for native species that are drought tolerant or plants require less pruning services during a maintenance visit—also possibly lowering your cost.

Budget Saver: Your landscape grows and changes. With an updated site assessment, a landscape professional can focus on the top priorities and make adjustments to your budget, if necessary.

#2 Set Landscape Maintenance Priorities

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Speaking of priorities, what was important for your commercial property last year might not be the same areas of focus this year. For example, if you were intent on getting your lawn areas in prime condition before and now those grassy spaces are thriving, your property might not require as much time for turf care. Or, say you invested in a smart irrigation system so you can reduce your water bills. Maybe you decided to include plant health care with regular landscape maintenance—which might seem like an added expense, but it can save you money in the long-run by preventing costly plant replacements or reactive maintenance visits to deal with disease.

Budget Saver: Consider what enhancements you’ve made to your commercial site and how those investments could lower your maintenance budget this year. The money you put into projects like irrigation upgrades, lawn care and plant health could ultimately reduce your maintenance budget.

#3 Plan for Strategic Landscape Enhancements

You might be wondering how enhancing your commercial property will reduce your landscape budget. The math doesn’t make sense, right? Well, think of it this way—your landscape enhancement budget should be separate from your landscape maintenance budget. Every year, you should identify a project (or more) to improve the appearance, functionality and safety of your commercial site. Property enhancements elevate the value of your commercial property. Consider projects that will give you a return on investment, such as: sprucing up the entrance, creating social spaces with container plants, improving safety and providing ambiance with landscape lighting.

Budget Saver: You’ve probably heard the phrase, “You’ve got to spend money to make money,” a million times. We hate to say it’s true—but our clients have proven it time and again by investing in landscape enhancements that attract tenants, visitors and residents. They not only save money, they make money.

Get a Free Site Assessment—and Spend Smart on Landscape Maintenance

A beautiful landscape builds a positive brand image and elevates property value. Contact our commercial landscape management experts today for a free site assessment and learn how you can make the most of your landscape maintenance budget.

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