Planting Grass Seed Do you notice thinning spots on your grass—areas that lack the lush, vibrant look your property had even a month or two ago? The grass on your commercial grounds goes through a lot.  It deals with foot traffic and environmental factors. Not to mention, general wear and tear can cause turf to thin out over time.

The good news is, this is completely normal and not a sign that your lawn is in trouble.

But, thinning grass does mean your property needs some TLC in the form of overseeding grass seed to fill in bare spots and incorporate new grass into the lawn. The end result is grass that is more resilient, resistant to disease and pests, and more attractive.

A Look at Overseeding—What It Is and Why It Works

Overseeding is planting new grass seed over existing turf. The process does not involve removing any of the grass already growing—there’s no digging, cultivating or disruption of the turf. Instead, the planting of grass seed incorporates fresh seed “over” the lawn, which germinates and develops into young, new grass.

Planting grass seed into existing turf helps grass withstand drought, disease, insects, foot traffic and other issues, such as too much shade and erosion. If you think about it, these are the concerns you address with a lawn care program. If the grass is thinning out due to these conditions, you could be wasting time and resources by “feeding” it with fertilizers and herbicides. Overseeding your commercial property can potentially reduce the turf care inputs your property requires because thick, healthy grass does a better job of fighting disease, combating pests and sustaining during drought. 

Ultimately, overseeding will help your commercial lawn care program work better.

How Your Commercial Property Benefits From Planting Grass Seed

Benefits from Overseeding Overseeding helps preserve your commercial property’s grass because it reinvigorates the lawn with new growth. Mature lawns deal with various stressors that can cause grass to thin out over time, and overseeding will help extend the life of your grass.

This should be a regular part of an annual landscape care program—it’s not a one-shot deal. Ideally, this restoration solution should happen in spring or fall, following core aeration. If your commercial property is aerated every year, you’ll create a healthy cycle of introducing new grass into your existing commercial landscape so it stays rejuvenated, thick and resilient.


Here are five benefits you can expect when your commercial property is overseeded.

#1 Thicker Grass

Overseeding fills in bare spots and thickens up thinning areas of your grass. Thicker grass can “choke out” weeds and disease.

#2 Water Savings

Thicker grass does a better job of withstanding drought and temperature ups and downs. You could save on your water bill because your grass will retain its vigor and color without as much additional irrigation.

#3 Control Erosion

A thick, lush lawn can reduce water runoff and help prevent erosion.

#4 Improve Appearance

Mature grass can look worn out over time, and this type of maintenance keeps it looking young, fresh and healthy.

#5 Enhance a Lawn Care Program

Overseeding is an integral cultural practice that improves an overall turf care service plan. You’ll see better results from weed, disease and pest control management efforts because the grass is more prepared to deal with stress.

Make Your Commercial Lawn Young Again

This entire process gives new life to a mature yard. Contact our landscape maintenance professionals for a free site assessment and to learn more about our aeration and overseeding services. 

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