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The squeaky wheel gets the grease, as they say. And in property management, the broken parts, shut-downs and accidents on a property get full attention — you go into putting-out-fires mode. Preventive maintenance that can mitigate costly problems is often pushed to the back burner or not top of mind. We get it.

Since we’ve seen this scenario play out with commercial property owners learning the hard way with bigger bills, downtime, brand damage and unhappy customers, we want to share the benefits of scheduled preventive maintenance for your commercial property so you can think about it differently.

Preventive maintenance is different than routine maintenance like mowing. It includes tasks like auditing an irrigation system, replacing legacy parts before they break, and pruning trees and shrubs before they damage a roof — or worse, hurt people on the property. It also means investing in plant healthcare to prevent disease so you don’t spend more on plant replacements.

You get the idea. There is a compelling business case for preventive maintenance.

Reduce Equipment Expenses

Do you have use for a skid-steer loader other than the one landscape project you’d like to complete? What about commercial-grade pruning equipment that can shape your property’s trees and shrubs or zero-turn mowers that can efficiently cut grass on your grounds?

By partnering with a landscape management company, you do not have to invest capital in equipment, store it, purchase fuel for it, carry insurance, train staff to operate it and maintain it. Enlisting a commercial landscaper for maintenance alleviates a significant equipment expense, saving you money for property improvement projects.


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Prevent Costly Plant Replacements

DIY plant healthcare doesn’t factor in disease and insect prevention. Plants can quickly fade past the point of no return without ongoing inspection and tree and shrub care services. If you lose a mature shrub, finding a similar-sized replacement is challenging.

Save On Utility Expenses with Irrigation Upgrades

First, let’s discuss irrigation system maintenance. There is great value in a landscape partner that can be the eyes and ears on your property, identifying issues like sprinkler head breaks or improper zoning before pooling water destroys the lawn or plants. Also, sprinkler system malfunctions will increase your water bills.

An irrigation audit is also a preventive property maintenance step we recommend. A certified irrigation technician can identify older components that do not work as efficiently as today’s smart systems. Irrigation upgrades are environmentally responsible, improve your property’s appearance by ensuring proper zoning and run times, and reduce utility expenses.

Prevent Brand Damage from Poor Curb Appeal

Overgrown shrubs and outdated entrance landscaping indicate that preventive property maintenance is being pushed off. Your landscape is a first-impression maker, a reflection of your brand. An appealing property attracts tenants and guests, improving people’s overall experience when on-site, whether to live, work, shop, dine or do business.


Save Your Lawn with Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration and overseeding are additional lawn care services on top of routine maintenance, so some property managers, to save money, will say, “Maybe next year.” We recommend aeration and overseeding annually, and here’s why.

First, aeration improves the results of fertilizer, weed and disease control by loosening compacted turf so nutrients, oxygen and water can reach turf roots. So, you’re maximizing your investment in lawn care. Over time, lawn areas can thin out or become matted by foot traffic. Aeration followed by overseeding helps replenish and rebuild the lawn with new turf so it stays healthy. Finally, lawn replacement can be costly, and then you have to go through a turf establishment period that is not attractive.

The best bet: Take good care of the lawn you have with preventive maintenance.

Preventive Property Maintenance Improves Safety

Maintenance issues like wayward branches are a hazard to pedestrians and can damage vehicles. Damaged sidewalks and cracks in hardscape surfaces are a trip hazard. Poor lighting can invite thieves and other activities you don’t want to attract to your commercial property.

Experience the Neave Property Maintenance Difference

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