Multi Colored Outdoor LightsThe holiday tree is a universal symbol of the season—it’s the most prominent commercial holiday decorations you’ll display on your commercial property, and a feature that draws in guests for photo-ops and gives visitors that feeling of comfort and joy. Don’t underestimate the value of a well-designed, perfectly placed holiday tree. According to a Christmas Décor 2019 Property Management & Shopping Mall survey, a large lit tree is the most popular item in a display.

We’d like to share some of the holiday Christmas tree designs; click here to view our photo gallery. Neave Management has designed and installed for commercial clients like you. Here are five ways to make an impact with a stunning tree this holiday season.

#1 Make the Most of the Landscape  

Capitalize on landscape features like trees and water features by illuminating what’s already there—and adding to the display with a focal-point holiday tree. This white LED tree structure stands out because its precise angles are juxtaposed by bordering trees with round, lit canopies.

#2 A Traditional Tree

Mall Decorations

Traditional is the most popular holiday style, and 75.6% of respondents to the Property Management & Shopping Mall survey said they prefer to decorate the old-fashioned way. The Christmas colors of red, green, gold, silver and candy-cane stripes bring back memories for guests. A tree trimmed with white light whites and red bows appeals to the masses.

#3 Glowing Centerpiece

After winterizing a fountain, the empty vessel is an ideal home for a holiday tree like this golden attraction—a centerpiece in a commercial district. When planning a holiday tree, be sure to scale the feature based on your environment. A smaller display in this urban, open-air setting would be disappointing. However, this majestic holiday tree suits the space. A commercial holiday decoration designer can advise on sizing the tree to accommodate your commercial property.

#4 A Festive Stage for a Holiday Tree

Green and Red Christmas LightsA red, lit “stage” that resembles a wrapped gift elevates this shopping district’s green holiday tree so it stands out. Coordinated lighting gives this holiday display a cohesive look—nearby tree limbs are wrapped in green lights, green snowflakes hang from buildings, and matching green wreaths tie together the look.

#5 A Star of the Season

Today’s LED lighting features include décor like this modern star, which is a visually surprising crown on a tree that’s dripping with silver, gold, tinsel, bulbs and messages like, “Wish!” Think beyond the tree lights and incorporate other bright décor that will set the tone for the holidays.

Why Aren’t Your Holiday Lights Up?

“We get complaints when the décor is not up early,” said one property owner who responded to Christmas Décor’s 2019 Property Management & Shopping Mall Survey. So, what are you waiting for?

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