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Thanksgiving is on the horizon, and that means the main event isn’t far behind. Heck, a lot of businesses are skipping turkey day entirely to get a jump on Christmas.

We’re all in favor of feasting on turkey and stuffing — and being thankful for all the bounties of the year so far — but it’s never too early to begin thinking about how you’ll decorate for the holidays!

So if you’re looking for a great example of picture-perfect holiday business décor, look no further than 34th and Broadway, to Macy’s flagship store at Herald Square.

Here are a few decorating tips we’ve cribbed from the New York City retail icon.

Macy’s holiday decor tip #1: Create suspense

Macy’s in Herald Square is known around the world for its holiday decor. Though Santa spotters discovered Christmas ornaments and other decorations for sale inside long before Halloween this year, the big reveal of Macy’s holiday-themed windows is an event that draws people from all five boroughs and beyond.

Make the unveiling of your holiday decorations a community event! Serve refreshments and invite everyone to join in your excitement as you flip the switch on your lights and show off your other holiday decor for the first time.

Macy’s holiday decor tip #2: Channel your inner child

Macy’s always creates holiday displays that are captivating to adults and children alike. Christmastime is the best time to find your inner child and indulge him or her!

And you don’t have to hire a Santa to inspire delight in your customers for the holiday. Simply think about decorations or memories that made you happy as a child, and think about how you might be able to incorporate them into your décor in the present day.

Macy’s holiday decor tip #3: Catch the eyes of passersby

If you’re planning to incorporate decorations beyond traditional holiday lighting, make sure it’s big enough to be visibly recognizable to the naked eye from the street.

Choosing intricate décor for your exterior may look beautiful and festive as you approach the door or from inside at your desk, but it often looks messy, unprofessional or even disorienting from far away where most people will be seeing your business.

However, if you’re located in an area that sees a lot of foot traffic, you might consider adding a few details that people passing by will see only if they come closer. The holidays are all about surprise and delight, after all!

Macy’s holiday decor tip #4: Don’t forget your interior!

Christmas decor display at PJ Clarke's Manhattan

Interior holiday display by Neave Decor at a PJ Clarke’s restaurant in New York.

Sure, everyone talks about Macy’s picture-perfect windows, but when you walk inside the store, it’s a feast for the eyes there, too! If you’re going to make the effort to look festive outdoors, why not make your interior just as enticing?

Go floor to ceiling with your interior décor, too, even if you keep it simple like a Christmas tree. It could be a great place to coordinate your office food drive or charity gift donations — and some tastefully decorated garland.

Just remember that you and your employees still need to get work done through the season…so avoid the temptation to go full Griswold on your office!

Macy’s holiday decor tip #5: Go all the way

If there’s anything Macy’s has taught us, it’s not to do anything halfway at the holidays. If you’re going to decorate, dot your Is and cross your Ts. Be thoughtful and tasteful — do it for your customers and your community, and enjoy it yourself as you go through the season. If you’re going to hang lights, be sure they’re straight.

Fair or not, how closely you pay attention to the details of your décor during the holidays will reflect on you as a business.

Need help with the I dotting and T crossing? Neave Décor’s holiday-decorating professionals are ready to help you deck out your business for the holidays.

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Now, if you can pull off a city-wide holiday parade that centers on your front doors, I’ll really be impressed.

Image credit: Macy’s