Vibrant white christmas decor at front entance It’s all about the experience. Making memories is a hallmark of the holiday season—finding new ways to share time with friends and family, and revisiting traditions we look forward to every year. Of course, with this comes photo opportunities. Families are looking for the ideal holiday card backdrop, and guests who are out to dine, shop or simply take in the holiday lights are capturing Instagram moments along the way. (Say, “Selfie!”)

You can create a destination for these special experiences by staging picture-perfect holiday décor. Here are some pointers from our professional holiday and event decorating team.

Create a Christmas Card Focal Point 

Life size christmas ornament and presentsAn oversized, inviting Santa chair that is large enough for a few children to pile on to for a picture is an instant holiday card win. Flanked with abundant containers of poinsettias and a decorated Christmas tree, the scene will become a destination for guests—and a tradition they anticipate every year.

Gigantic, colorful ornaments also serve as a festive backdrop on a commercial property, as do larger-than-life topiary reindeer that are subtly lit. Another trending holiday photo op for outdoor Christmas displays: an inflatable snow globe guests can enter.

Stage Multiple Holiday Photo Ops 

boy hanging out with penguin displayRather than a single, large-scale holiday photo opportunity, keep traffic flowing and encourage business throughout the property by setting up several holiday experiences that draw in guests. Some ideas include:

  • A decorated holiday tree
  • Oversized, wrapped presents
  • An elaborate poinsettia display
  • A winter wonderland scene
  • Frosty the snowman

Watch the Lights

Twinkle lights and displays that are too bright interfere with photography. Softly lit displays prevent distracting reflection. We like to use spotlights and uplighting to draw attention to holiday décor, and a sprinkling of lights to bring displays alive at night without blinding guests.

Set up Safe Displays—No Climbing 

Life size gift boxesExtra-large presents are inviting for children, who might decide to climb to reach the big bow on top. Oversized ornaments can seem like an ultimate beach ball to the younger set. Of course, we want these holiday displays to be inviting and fun. But safety first. A professional holiday décor team will assure that displays are properly anchored and not so accessible that they encourage unsafe behaviors like climbing.

Create Holiday Experiences on Your Commercial Property 

Find out how our holiday décor experts can transform your retail, office or business property into a memorable wonderland this season. Our professional holiday decorators has adopted necessary protocols to keep you safe and healthy. Contact us at 845-463-0592 in Hudson Valley, 914-271-7996 in Westchester, 203-212-4800 in Connecticut and 201-591-4570 in New Jersey. Fill out this simple form to get a free consultation.