Whether you manage a retail property or office park, the holidays are an opportunity to shine as an organization – to attract and engage guests, customers, tenants and employees. During the last couple of years, we’ve noticed a move toward earlier holiday decorating and leaving decor up longer, well into the new year. We crave the warmth holidays bring, the gatherings and permission to indulge a bit. We at Neave Decor feel the same way.

Our clients often ask us what the latest holiday decorating trends are for the year – what’s “in” for 2022. And it’s not an easy question to answer. For some, holidays mean tradition, gingerbread, candy stripes, green and red. Other property owners are focused on unveiling an event-driven display that kicks off a season of shopping and dining.

First, figure out what your business goals are this holiday season because commercial Christmas decor can advance a strategy to increase sales, traffic and experience. Or maybe the idea is to create a special environment that celebrates those who spend time on the property, whether employees or guests. You decide and we’ll offer some ways to accomplish your goals in a turnkey fashion so you can forget about design, installation, quick fixes, take-down and storage. (You’ve got other things to do.)

Here are five holiday decorating trends we’re earmarking for the 2022 season. Of course, all can be customized since there’s no “right” way to do holidays.

Stage Festive Holiday Decor Photo Ops

holiday display of reindeer and santas sleigh

Set the scene for guests to take holiday pictures on your property with festive displays like an oversized Santa chair positioned next to a stunning, lit tree – or by lighting existing landscape to offer a bright backdrop. A marketing bonus: The photos people share on social media will showcase your property in the background.

Go for a Luxe Metallic Look

bright display of holiday lights on the outside of a store

The color scheme you select for holiday lights can elevate curb appeal. This season, metallics are in – silver and gold, generously sized bulbs and shiny ornaments. Carry the theme into wreaths, window displays, swags and garlands. Metallics offers a modern approach that can carry on well past the season or can complement the popular, green-and-red Christmas theme that so many of our clients love.

A Simple, Sophisticated Statement

 wonderful sight of holiday lighting with garland display

Understated decor can make a big statement if you play with scale and volume. For instance, go-to wreaths simply lit in white with red bows hanging from all windows offers a cohesive look that is not ostentatious. Another approach is to take the same look and scale it up, hanging large-scale wreaths creates a glamorous and grand holiday display.

Light Up the Night with LED Christmas Tree ‘Shows’

holiday display of a multicolored christmas tree at a mall

A grand, statement Christmas tree is a holiday centerpiece for commercial properties and can serve as a stage for events, from tree lighting celebrations to banquets. Color-changing LED lights provide a spectacular show and the wow factor that invites guests to explore all there is to offer at your retail or hospitality site.

Holiday Tradition – Timeless Commercial Christmas Decor

merry holiday display downtown

Many of us look forward to the traditional green-and-red color palette the Christmas season brings, and decking your halls in these familiar holiday favorites provides a sense of comfort, warmth and joy. Scale up your decor with oversized ornaments and wreaths, lit gift boxes and shining stars. A professional Christmas decor designer can introduce the latest holiday light and decorations that are on-trend yet traditional.

Picture-Perfect Presentation

holiday display of christmas penguins

Rely on Neave Decor to design and install your commercial holiday decorations and lights. Our experienced team works year-round to bring you the latest lighting designs, and our takedown services – including optional decor storage – allow you to focus on your business while delivering a memorable holiday experience for guests.

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