Everybody loves holiday lights and decorations, but when you combine that sparkle with appealing holiday events, you’ll really draw customers to your business.

Deck your halls with twinkling lights — then organize a charity drive.

Bring in giant decorative candy canes — then simmer up some hot cocoa and host a visit with Santa.

You get the idea. Use spectacular holiday decor to dress up your business, then get creative with a warm holiday event to make your business irresistible.

Let’s take a look at some Christmas decorating ideas for a business that pairs perfectly with events to engage your whole community.

Restaurant decorated for Christmas by Neave Group

Invite Santa Claus

Nobody attracts attention this time of year like good old St. Nick. Host an afternoon or evening visit with Santa Claus. This is a great match with Christmas decorations for retail stores. Be sure Santa’s digs are worthy of his stature. Think giant decorative wrapped gifts, animated reindeer, huge candy canes and lots of lights.

Set The Stage For Local Performers

Engage your entire community by inviting local performers to sing, play instruments or dance at your place of business. Caroling groups, high school bands, elementary school choirs, and dance troupes love to perform during the holidays.

Create a beautiful holiday-themed stage to draw even more attention to your local talent.

Host A Charity Drive

Everybody loves to make a difference during the season of giving. Host a food drive or a winter coat drive to engage customers and encourage them to help those in need. Create a focal point for lights and festive decor so visitors know exactly where to bring their donations.

Light Up Your Street

Outdoor tree lights for corporate office

Partner with your neighboring businesses to deck your entire street with seasonal decor. Light lamp posts. Festoon storefronts with fluffy wreaths and lengths of garland. Have a tree lighting ceremony to create extra excitement.

Create A Holiday Lights Walk

Light up your business district with a dazzling light display that encourages strolling. While white lights are a classic, colorful lights are having a moment this year. Children, especially, are drawn to colorful lights. Chances are, they’ll have their parents along. Offer hot cocoa or warm cider to warm everybody up.

Outdoor Christmas decorating ideas for a business

Invite The News Media

Once you have your event and decor plans in place, invite your local media to your event. The more buzz, the better. Newspapers, news websites, TV stations and radio stations love heartwarming holiday stories that highlight the community. If your event is decked out with spectacular holiday lighting and decor, it will attract news photographers and videographers — which means more eyes on your business.

Wow Customers With Holiday Decor

holiday decorating idea for restaurantWhatever your theme or event, it will draw even more attention to exciting holiday decor.

Christmas decorating ideas for businesses should dazzle. Create a tunnel of lights over your front entrance. Display a herd of animated reindeer. Festoon your trees with colorful, large-scale ornaments.

Create a holiday ice rink scene, or a workshop of Santa’s elves, all in lights.

The more, the merrier.

Trust Neave With Your Commercial Holiday Decor

Neave Decor has been decorating New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut businesses for the holidays for more than a decade.

You name it, we have it — lighting, ornaments, arrangements, decorative statues, festive trees and spectacular automated displays impossible to ignore. We have everything you need for decorating a business for Christmas.

Need help deciding on a theme for your event? Our award-winning designers are happy to help, from the idea stage to the final dazzling touches.

Our complete decor packages include supplies, design, installation, and takedown. We’ll even store your Neave Decor at our storage facilities. No muss, no fuss.

Contact Neave Décoronline or by phone at  (845) 463-0592 for Hudson Valley, (914) 271-7996 for Westchester, or (203) 212-4800 for Connecticut.

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