Commercial property managers have a lot on their plate, and maintaining the landscape is just one of the many things on their list of worries. Hiring a professional commercial landscape maintenance contractor should lighten the load of that worry, but it may surprise you to know that not all contracts are followed to the exacting specifications they were created under.

In fact, this is so widespread among commercial landscape maintenance contractors that third-party firms have emerged to audit contracts and help ensure that they’re followed.

One of those firms is OLM, Inc., a contract-management company based in Kennesaw, Ga. Their “Performance Payment” program dictates that if a contractor consistently underperforms during monthly service inspections, they’ll actually lose out on an incentive payment.

There are many other companies out there like this, too; each does things differently to ensure contract adherence, but the idea is the same.

With Neave Group Outdoor Solutions, you can trust that every aspect of your contract will be followed to a T.

So, how are we different?

First, we’re proactive: We measure every property ourselves – in person – and walk through each site with property managers to ensure that we are including all areas on the property. We also make notes of anything that is in question, including areas that need special care.

Second, we’re thorough: When a client awards us with a contract, we create comprehensive checklists and schedules that we follow closely, down to specific line items. We also ensure that the products we specified during the quoting process, such as fertilizers and pest-control products, match the products we actually use.

And finally, we don’t nitpick. Beyond the line-item checklists, we don’t make a huge issue out of little issues. We normally handle those small issues without needing to write a change order. In looking at the big picture, it’s all about client care – and if we’re already on site, we just take care of it.

It’s just as much in our interest as it is yours to pay attention to the contracts we create with our clients and stick to them. It helps our operations run more smoothly, manages expectations for both sides and ensures that our clients are happy.

If you are a commercial property manager, please consider giving our professional team at Neave Group Outdoor Solutions an opportunity to maintain your property. We handle all contracts and properties with integrity and a dedication to client satisfaction. In the New York and Connecticut area you can contact us at (845) 463-0592.