New Jersey is called the Garden State for a reason, and if you manage a commercial property within the state limits, landscape maintenance should be on your to-do list. The exterior of your commercial property will say a lot about the businesses that are inside. As soon as someone drives up, they will create a perception in their mind about the quality of the company by the condition of the property.


If the lawns are lush and green, the walkways clean, and the trees and shrubs neatly trimmed, you will come off as looking polished and professional. The question many commercial property managers in New Jersey have is: How much landscape maintenance do I need to make a great impression and keep all the visitors safe?


And while there is no “across the board” kind of answer to that question, there are several factors to consider that will help determine what your property needs.  

Landscaping Square Footage

Determining the square footage of the areas that will require commercial landscape maintenance is a good first step to figuring out how much landscape maintenance your New Jersey commercial property needs. Some commercial properties only have a small grassy area and a sidewalk or two, while others have sprawling green spaces and extensive hardscapes to maintain. You may also have landmarks like benches, statues, fountains or other extras that you want to be added to the maintenance routine.

Type of Soil at Your Property

The type of soil on your commercial property plays a role in determining how much landscape maintenance is required. This factor is especially relevant if there are different types of soil in various areas of the property. You may need soil testing to help determine which species of plants will grow best in different areas, leaving you with the most beautiful property possible.

How the Property and Landscaping Interact

The proximity of your landscaped areas to parking spaces, walkways, and driveways will also be a factor in how much landscape maintenance your New Jersey commercial property needs. Planting trees too close to parking lots or sidewalks could lead to trouble later. You could also end up causing damage to the foundation or underground sewer lines if trees are planted too close and the roots spread out. Take the time to consider how the landscaping and rest of your property interact with one another before making any landscaping plans, as well as which areas may have higher foot traffic than others.


The Local Weather

Summers in New Jersey can be hand humid, so you will need to consider the local weather patterns. You will require at least once a week lawn mowing, plus any other services that will help keep the property looking its best. The wind and sun exposure for different parts of the property may require certain areas needing more attention than others. Some spots may get the direct afternoon sun every day, while the north-facing side may get little to none at all.


Of course, in New Jersey, there are three other seasons to consider, and they must be factored into the equation. After the summer, you’ll need fall fertilizing and pruning. You’ll also need gutters and downspouts checked and other services to get your landscaping ready for the winter ahead. When the snow does start to fall, you’ll need snow and ice removal services and in the spring a good clean up as everything comes back to life. If you want seasonal decorations to show that your company has spirit, then you’ll require ongoing changes as each season or holiday comes and goes.  


Your Property Goals


Your goals for your commercial property go a long way to determining the level of maintenance needed. If you want to go for low maintenance and are happy with it looking neat and respectable, that will be different than if you prefer a high-end look that is the envy of the neighborhood. Some of this will depend on your landscaping budget, but also the perception you want the public to have about your commercial property.


It’s no secret that a pristine, professional-looking property gives the impression that the businesses inside are the same way. If you manage a property that includes an office for a high-end brand, luxury condos, or high-ticket retail items, you need the exterior to look the part, for all 12 months of the year. The landscaping is an extension of your brand and people will form opinions based on the condition of the property and quality of the landscaping.

Do You Have an Emergency Plan?

Emergencies happen from time to time, and having a plan in place will help. If a tree is blown over by the wind, or there are cracks in your parking lot caused by an improperly planted tree, it’s essential to have a plan to ensure people’s safety. You also want to feel confident that if any areas need to be closed off, it won’t last for long. Emergencies can’t accurately be factored in when figuring out how much landscape maintenance you need, but they still need to be considered so that you can take action as quickly as possible.

Finding the Right Partner

Finding the right landscape contractor in New Jersey to take care of your property is the key to making it all happen when you want and how you want it. At Neave, we will sit down with you and assess the needs of your property, your budget, and your own goals to determine how much landscape maintenance your commercial property needs. We have a full range of services available for any size of commercial property, and they cover all four seasons.


Learn more about our commercial landscaping services and. If you’re in New Jersey call us at (201) 591-4570. Or, fill out our simple web form, and we’ll contact you about setting up your free consultation.