Best Foundation Plants for Commercial Landscapes

Surrounding your commercial property with beautiful foundation garden plants will play huge dividends in elevating the look of your property. Foundation plants are near your buildings’ walls and windows and serve multiple benefits from adding curb appeal to covering utility fixtures. They can also help frame or bring attention to your front door, making the best first impression possible. 

It’s important to find the best plants that can tolerate the cold New York & Connecticut winters, have low maintenance costs, and avoid interfering with walkways and windows. You might also want to consider plants with early spring bloom times. To give you a design ideas of which foundation plantings can increase the value and aesthetic of your commercial property, we’ve chosen several foundation plants that will thrive in New York & Connecticut temperatures while adding natural beauty to your facility.

Boxwood Plants Make Gardens Better

Plant BoxwoodBoxwood plants are one of the more popular foundation planting staples. The Boxwood is an attractive evergreen shrub that’s ideal to be planted along your building walls. It creates an elegant accent to the rest of your landscape and they stay compact and only grow to about 2 feet tall.

Knock Out Roses for Your Garden

Gardening Knock Out RosesYou can’t go wrong with a stunning display of roses, Knock Out Roses are perfect to display in the front of your facility as the pink and red shades offer a beautiful first impression. This type of rose can thrive in both sunlight and partial shade and resist pests and diseases.

Japanese Maple Trees Add Visual Appeal

Planting Japanese Maple TreesIf you’re looking to add the visual and shade benefits of trees, you won’t find much better than Japanese Maple. They come in a variety of eye-popping sizes, colors, and leaf shapes and will be sure to impress everyone who passes by. They grow to about 8-12 feet tall and are a great way to add color and finesse to your outdoor commercial landscape.

Accent your Garden Beds with Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Dwarf Alberta Spruce PlantingAnother great option for trees is the compact evergreen tree, the Dwarf Alberta Spruce. The Dwarf Alberta Spruce can reach heights of 6 to 8 feet and the cone shape frame and soft, bright green needles offer a lovely accent to surrounding plantings. This spruce tree requires little maintenance and prefer full sun to help grow.

Grow Blue Oat Grass

Blue Oat Grass for Commercial LandscapesThis delightful ornamental grass is a top-choice of ours for foundation plantings. Blue oat grass offers great texture, motion, and a charming calm to your landscape. Blue oat grass brings the rest of your plants together and is great to have along walkways, small bodies of water, and along the outside walls of your property. Plus, the silver and blue blades will be sure to turn heads.

Hostas Provide Pretty Blooms

Hosta Plants for GardeningBelieve it or not, Hostas are always a great option for commercial properties no matter if you think they are too simple or typical. Hosta plants are great to place along walkways or along the side of your building. There are many styles of Hostas to choose from and many offer beautiful shades of gold with white edges and others are a deep blue with textured leaves. Plus, they require little maintenance as you only have to divide them every 2 to 3 years.

Blooming Encore Azaleas

Encore Azalea PlantsA signature look that always impresses is a gorgeous display of encore azaleas. Encore Azaleas are a hybrid planting that blooms in the spring and again in the late summer and grows to a height of 3 to 5 feet. The best part of azaleas are the variety of vibrant colors they bloom in, including pink, red, white, and purple. Rhododendrons would be another great option for adding a great pop of color. Plant these flowering shrubs around walkways, parks, and other outdoor public gathering areas on your commercial property.

Shasta Daisy is a Longtime Favorite

Shasta Daisies for Commercial PropertyWhen you want to deliver a welcoming and attractive atmosphere to your commercial property, we recommend planting a bed of Shasta Daisies. These amazing flowers are simply stunning and the Shasta is a classic yellow and white daisy that has a generous 4-inch bloom. You won’t find a better flower to highlight the rest of your commercial landscape and don’t be surprised either if employees and guests get caught stopping and staring.

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