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Snow removal is an essential winter maintenance service for property managers who recognize that accessibility and safety are critical for keeping retailers’ doors open and assuring the wellbeing of residents living in homeowners’ associations (HOA). Office parks need clear parking lots so employees can get to work without the risk of slip-and-fall incidents or vehicle accidents.

Snow and ice management is a safety necessity.

But what type of snow removal service do you need for your commercial property? Are you a zero-tolerance site that requires equipment on-site and immediate response? Or, is your goal to make sure parking lots and sidewalks are cleared before businesses open? For HOAs, what level of service do residents expect for the association fees they pay?

There are several factors that go into determining what level of snow service your property requires. First, you must address the budget and how much you plan to spend on the service. Next, identify high-priority areas on your property that need immediate response during a snow or ice event — and note which areas of your site require less attention. Also, factor in the expectations of stakeholders like tenants, guests, and residents.

Let’s walk through the process…

Budget for Snow and Ice Removal

Snow and ice removal services can be billed “per push,” which means every time a professional clears your lot you pay a fee. Or, you can enter into a seasonal agreement for a set rate and no matter how much, or how little, it snows you pay the same fee. 

Ultimately, snow removal fees are based on square footage, frequency, and responsiveness — which are all tied to the labor required to meet expectations. Fees also factor in equipment and materials. So, if you want snow equipment ready on-site, you’ll pay more for the convenience.

Some ways customers save on their snow budget include cutting back on how often their properties are plowed — but this strategy can sacrifice safety. Another option is to reduce the areas of the property that get cleared, only tending to high-traffic spaces. But this could limit parking. 

Keep in mind, snow and ice management is not just a convenience or a “nice to have” service. It reduces your liability as a property owner and can prevent costly slip-and-fall lawsuits that far exceed the expense of snow plowing prices. Consider this as you decide what level of snow removal service your property really needs.

Identify High-Priority Spaces that Need Immediate Response

Does your property include loading docks, drive-thrus or other spaces that need immediate, constant attention during a winter storm? Does the site have auxiliary parking or lower-priority spaces that should be cleared but can wait? Take stock of your property and identify zones that bear a lot of foot or vehicle traffic. You’ll want a high level of snow removal service for these spaces. 

On the other hand, if your site includes a great deal of lower-priority areas, you might not require intensive snow and ice removal services. A professional can conduct a free site assessment to help you determine potential liabilities on your site. This process will help the provider create a snow map and plan for your property.

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Meet the Expectations of Tenants, Guests, and Residents

Consider who must access your property and how urgent their need is to do so. For example, employees working in a corporate park or retail plaza must be able to report to work — otherwise, the snow and ice create a revenue loss. Residents of an HOA need to exit their driveways and shared roadways. 

Snow and ice management is part of an overall package property owners provide to tenants and residents, and their satisfaction matters. So, as you consider snow removal services for this winter, be sure you are meeting the expectations of all stakeholders involved.

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