Hire a snow removal company to prevent lost wages and premises liability claims from snow slip and fall accidents.

Snow and ice can be a risky property hazard that can cost you thousands if a snow slip and fall accident occurs and a lawsuit is filed. If you think this won’t happen on your site, think again. Every year, there are more than 30,000 slip-and-fall injuries because of property owner’s negligence. More than 800,000 people are hospitalized annually due to slip and falls, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The latest statistics from the CDC estimate $50 billion for the total medical cost of falls.

As a property owner, the financial burden of slip-and-fall injury lawsuits and threat to your reputation are real. But you can protect yourself. One simple, yet effective, measure you can take to prevent these types of accidents is to partner with a certified, professional commercial snow removal contractor that meets industry standards for service so you can maintain clear, safe surfaces and fall hazards all winter.

Assess Your Property’s Slip-and-Fall Risks

Certain high-traffic areas of your property present a greater risk for snow and ice slip or fall accidents simply because of the exposure to more people or vehicles. But that doesn’t mean you should discount back parking lot areas or roads less traveled. All it takes is one person to lose their footing and slip and you could land a lawsuit for a personal injury claim. That is why we recommend a property assessment. A certified landscape professional will walk the property, discuss potential risks and address must-clear zones.

From this, the contractor will create a snow removal site map and consider the natural accumulation rule so that you can fully utilize the service on where it actually matters. We outline every possible challenge and obstacle on that map — each is a possible slip-and-fall accident risk we want to avert with quality snow management services. From there, a snow and ice management plan is designed to protect your property and keep it as safe and clear as possible.

Create an Action Plan for Slip and Fall Snow Accidents

To assure your property is safe and clear so you can prevent snow slip and fall accidents, you need a snow and ice removal plan that suits your property’s needs. As a property or business owner, you do not want discussing medical bills and other legal claims with a personal injury lawyer. Following the property assessment, a provider can help you determine what type of commercial maintenance service you need.

Worker removing melted snow from parking lots and icy sidewalk.

Snow and Ice Removal Services for Property Owners

Services are generally offered on a scheduled, per-push or per-event basis. Scheduled service allows you to plan a budget for the season, knowing the fixed rate you’ll pay for commercial property maintenance services.

  • Per-push is billed every time service is provided and can be appropriate for some properties. However, this arrangement is not always ideal for sites that demand immediate response and frequent clearing to stay safe.
  • Per-event pricing is structured similarly, billing for the event vs. every time the property is cleared. A pro can discuss the benefits of each and help you determine the best plan that will reduce your liability.

Seek Out a Certified Partner for Snow and Ice Removal

A commercial property management company might be insured — but what type of industry insurance does the company carry? It’s a good idea to ask this question because with a typical insurance plan, just 35% of fall and personal injury cases are outright dismissed. But with Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) insurance, 70% of cases are outright dismissed, which alleviates property owners of the burden. Also, settlement is nearly half that amount for those cases covered by ASCA insurance. So, be specific when finding out what type of coverage your contractor has in place to protect their company and your property from liabilities.

ISO and ASCA Certified

Find out whether the contractor you are considering is ASCA-certified, and ask about ISO certification, as well. ISO 9001 / SN 9001 certification is an internationally recognized benchmark for quality management, and operational efficiency and quality is critical when managing the property so you can reduce liability. Another benchmark to look for is Avetta-approved, which is a certification that prequalifies vendors and assures that they meet health, safety, environmental and other legislative standards.

Loader machine piling snow in a safe area and making sure the runoff from melting snow will not refreeze on the pavement.

Let’s Talk About a Free Site Assessment

Don’t let a snowstorm take control of your commercial property when it is at its most destructive. Neave Snow & Ice Management is equipped to provide services of any scale of commercial property. We know the weather can turn at any moment, so our skilled staff routinely monitors weather patterns to ensure we can prepare your property if a major storm occurs.

Give us a call and we’ll provide a free site assessment and answer any questions you have about snow and ice management and how you can reduce your premises liability this winter.

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