It may seem strange for a bunch of snow and ice management professionals to get together and powwow in the middle of the summer, but here at Neave Snow, there’s nothing more natural — we live for winter weather and spend all year preparing for it!

So it wasn’t weird at all to fly down to one of the country’s southernmost cities, shortly after the Republican National Convention kicked off, and add countless snow pros to the mix of politicians, political enthusiasts and members of the media in Tampa.

The Accredited Snow Contractors Association — yes, there’s an organization for just about everything — holds a meeting every year to help us stay educated and get to know other professionals in our field. And every year, GIE Media’s Snow Magazine releases a list of the top 100 snow and ice management contractors in the United States, and we’re happy to report that Neave Snow was honored with a spot on the list, coming in at #55! They announced the honorees during ASCA’s meeting.

In addition to recognizing those who made the top 100 list, a lot went down at the summit to help us all be better at what we do. There’s now an educational program that focuses on certifying individual snow contractors and helping our operations minimize risk and ensure your safety. The ASCA also developed an ISO certification that allows companies like Neave Snow to receive evaluations based on a third-party audit — these help ensure things are running smoothly and service quality is top rate. You can read more about the event on ASCA’s website.

Our president, Scott Neave, was at the ASCA Executive Summit along with Leah Speck and Mark Ciccarelli representing Neave Snow and the rest of the Neave Group Outdoor Solutions Team, and he had a great experience meeting other professionals from the industry and talking as a group about ways to work smarter for clients like you.

“Like any conference, it was a good networking event. Being with the best contractors in the industry and seeing that we’re all facing a lot of the same challenges…it’s a great opportunity to strengthen a lot of relationships and meet new people. It makes me excited about where we’re heading as an industry.”

So while snow and ice management may seem like an everyday task, you can rest assured we think about it every day — even when it’s not snowing — and are always working not just to stay on that top 100 list, but also to serve you better and keep you safer every winter.


A heavy-duty shovel and bucket of salt from the hardware store may be enough for your home driveway and front walk during the winter, but when it comes to your business, snow and ice management is truly a serious business. As a property owner, you have an obligation to your employees and customers to keep your site clear of snow and ice, and safe for everyone who visits you. 

There are plenty of unique factors that will contribute to your choice of snow and ice management contractors. Download our FREE white paper, “The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Snow & Ice Management Contractor” to learn about the 10 must-have attributes and core values of a top-notch snow and ice management contractor.