A detailed plan of the property is necessary to make preparations before and after the snow hits. Our Hudson Valley snow removal company is dedicated in providing the best service.When the snow starts blowing and icy winds blast, you want the best commercial Hudson Valley snow removal company in New York in charge of your property.

As a property owner, you know it’s crucial that your employees and customers are safe, and your site is free from dangerous snow and ice.

But how do you know who’s best in providing snow removal services? Chances are, everybody will tell you they’re number one.

Here are some key things to look for in a commercial snow management company:

Make Sure They Have A Detailed Plan

The best commercial snow and ice management starts with a good plan. Having a good plan eliminates snow removal mistakes.

A good contractor will assess your property before severe weather hits, to warn you of any safety hazards that could pose real problems once the snow and ice start piling up.

Neave Snow and Ice Management uses satellite imaging to get a bird’s-eye view of your property. The imaging measures your parking lot’s square footage and your sidewalk’s linear footage. It maps hills, loading docks and handicap parking spaces so we can figure exactly how much equipment, how many employees and how much salt and other materials your property will need.

Then the experts at Neave print large satellite photos of your property with all the details marked, including what areas to attack in what order.

Armed with such complete and detailed information, Neave creates a detailed plan to clear your property efficiently in a timely manner.

How Do They Forecast The Weather?

A typical weather forecast might offer predictions for a broad area of New York or Connecticut but you want to know when the snow will start piling up in your parking lot or if there is a snow storm.

Satellite image of weather. Our snow removal services takes advantage of weather reports to be prepared during the winter months in Hudson Valley


Neave Snow and Ice Management rely on Weather Works Inc. of New Jersey, which offers customized up-to-date weather forecasts based on the ZIP codes of Neave customers. We share that information with you so you’ll know exactly what kind of weather to expect, and when.

Will They Communicate With You?

When hazardous weather hits, you don’t want to be looking out the window wondering when your snow management company will show up. Why isn’t anybody answering the phone?

At Neave, we keep in close contact with our customers so you know exactly what to expect. If we plan to pre-treat your property with salt brine a few hours before a storm hits, we’ll let you know. We’ll tell you when to expect our plows to show up. No need to wonder or panic.

What Kind Of Equipment Do They Use?

Small truck does snow plowing in Hudson Valley. Our service is not only limited to snow removal, we also have our landscaping which will take care of your lawn maintenance once winter is over.A wall of snow in your parking lot is no match for a run-of-the-mill snowplow. Your commercial property demands professional, commercial-grade trucks and plows, especially when we’re talking about multiple parking lots, sidewalks and driveways.

It takes a whole fleet of properly maintained and prepared equipment to handle all levels of snow and ice accumulation on a commercial property.

Neave’s satellite imaging helps determine exactly how much equipment we need to clear your property of snow and ice quickly, professionally and safely.

Even the best equipment is only as good as its operators. Neave employees receive multiple training sessions every year that cover basic maintenance on machines and all their attachments, proper plowing techniques, how to navigate site maps, where to pile snow and how salt works and when and how to use it.

Are They Prepared Before The Storm Hits?

Road or pavement cleared of snow. Clearing of snow from driveways and sidewalks is the responsibility of the business owner.When a big storm is about to hit, timing is everything.

When the temperature dips below about 15 degrees, salt doesn’t work. Applying it then is a waste of time and money. Neave knows when rock salt works and when it’s best to wait, and we act accordingly.

Neave pretreats its commercial customers’ properties with its own mix of salt brine, a liquid salt mixture, to help prevent ice from forming and keep snow from sticking.

Neave Knows Snow

Neave Group Snow and Ice Management works with commercial property managers to create a fully customized snow and ice removal management plan.

We’re proud of our credentials. We’re fully insured, offer the highest level of customer service and have years of experience. Every area manager and many of our foremen are certified by the Accredited Snow Contractors Association.  

Our commitment to excellence has put us among the Top 100 snow contractors in North America, according to Snow Magazine.

We’re on call 24/7 for emergencies, and pride ourselves on being proactive, preemptive and professional. We’ll make sure your business remains operational, accessible and safe during the winter season.

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