Sure, it looks picturesque, but are your customers and employees safe on that snow and ice?

Winter is coming.

It’s a phrase heavy with meaning in the world of Game of Thrones. And here in New York and Connecticut, it creates a sense of foreboding in homeowners and commercial property managers alike.

Considering our area’s last significant snowfall happened barely nine months ago — remember those nor’easters that blew through in February and March 2013? It’s a little cruel and more than a little hard to believe that another winter is nearly upon us.

Have you created your commercial snow and ice management plan yet? It’s never too soon to start thinking about how you’ll tackle that first big snow…before it’s too late.

If it seems like a huge task, start by thinking about the most important areas to cover in your plan. Here are four areas you should definitely keep free of snow and ice on your commercial property.

Sidewalks and entryways

Don’t be the one business on your block with a storefront sidewalk covered in snow or, worse, ice that your customers (present and future) will slip on. Keep areas that get heavy foot traffic safe for pedestrians during winter weather!

You’ll want to find out whether clearing that snow and ice is your responsibility, or whether your municipality will handle it — either way, a snowy, icy walkway will reflect badly on you, especially if accidents happen.


Heavy snowfall — especially that ominous “heart attack snow” — without a quick warm-up to melt it off of your load-bearing surfaces can cause big problems if the buildings on your property weren’t designed to handle snow.

When your commercial snow and ice management contractor visits your property for a walkthrough, they should notice whether your roof will be an issue and whether clearing it after snowfall or during icy conditions should be a priority in your action plan.

Parking lots

You want to continue having customers during inclement winter weather, right? Thought so! In that case, clearing your parking lot of snow may be the most important component of your commercial snow and ice management plan.

There are several different ways to do this, including designating an area on your property to pile the snow until it melts during warmer weather. (You’d do this during the property walkthrough when you create your action plan with your snow and ice management contractor.)

You can also arrange to have large snow piles hauled away when leaving it on your property isn’t an option.

It’s important to manage ice in your parking lot, too — particularly black ice, which can pose a huge risk for drivers.

Loading docks


Don’t let this happen to your commercial property!

If your commercial property requires an area for loading and unloading merchandise or other goods, you’ll definitely want to include it in your snow and ice management plan.

Making sure your loading dock and all surrounding driveways to and from your business are clear will help keep things running smoothly. If you have customers outside of your immediate area, it’s important to fulfill orders on time and conduct “business as usual” — even if you’re up to your eyeballs in the white stuff at home.

What other areas on your commercial property are important for you to keep clear? If you need help brainstorming (before the next snowstorm), get in touch with the snow and ice management professionals at Neave Snow. We can help you create a comprehensive plan to keep your property looking clean, beautiful and, most importantly, safe during the winter’s worst weather.

Call (845) 463-0592 if you’re in Hudson Valley, (914) 271-7996 from Westchester County, or (203) 212-4800 if you’re in Connecticut. Or, fill out the web form right here, and we’ll get in touch to schedule a consultation.

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