Landscape EnhancementsLandscape maintenance for your commercial property is a must—and as a property manager invested in the long-term value of your site, you know an attractive space attracts and retains tenants. You keep up with mowing, edging and trimming. But what about the extras? 

How does your entrance look, and could it use some color or a “refresh” to make it stand out? Have some plants in your flower garden plantings seen better days?

And, what about plans to create a seating area or social space that can bring people together so they can enjoy your property?

You might be thinking, “We didn’t budget for that.”

True, landscape enhancements fall outside of the typical commercial property maintenance budget. Some years, you might build in extra dollars for a project; and other years are tight, so you focus on making sure your commercial property’s landscape maintenance needs are met. But, the reality is, enhancements are a necessary part of maintaining your commercial property and improving its health, appearance, and value. If all you do is maintain the lawn and plants, you are missing an opportunity to create a truly amazing space and set yourself apart from the competition.

The good news is, strategic landscape enhancements can actually save you money down the road. Here are five landscape updates to consider that will deliver a return on investment—and you’ll love the way they improve the function and beauty of your Connecticut, New York or New Jersey commercial property.

#1 Welcome Fresh Color

Landscape Color Schemes

Let’s start at the entrance of your property—the first experience guests have that can make or break their impression of your site. What is the current situation?

When you walk or drive up to your property, are you wowed by a clean, vibrant flower bed and signage that sets your grounds apart from the others? 

We’re not suggesting that bigger is better. But a customized look is definitely better, and there are ways to accomplish this by incorporating natural stone, retaining walls, native plants and lighting into your commercial property’s entrance.

>>The bottom line: Think of enhancements to your entrance as an investment in your brand. You are essentially marketing your commercial property through the landscape.

#2 Replace Tired Plants

Flowers for Landscaping

Plants have a life expectancy, too. And, some simply thrive in the landscape better than others. Environmental factors, soil conditions and even plant location (ie. heavy traffic zones) can impact the appearance and health of plants over time. Even one tired plant can degrade the overall look of your commercial property.

It’s worth investing in outdoor plants that are past their prime.

>>The bottom line: By spending dollars to maintain plants that are past their prime, you’re really throwing money away on a plant you’ll end up replacing soon anyway. A landscape professional can walk your property and perform a site assessment to identify plants that need to be replaced now, and ones that need additional care so you can avoid replacements down the road. And, container plants are a great solution for keeping plants updated on your commercial property. 

#3 Create Social Spaces

Outdoor Living Space PlansDoes your property offer places where people can meet up or gather? Creating an outdoor living space on your commercial property adds value in a number of ways. For one, guests will have a space to enjoy the property. And, whether your property is an office environment, retail center or homeowners association, there are people who work on the property who will appreciate having a nice space to take a break.

This can improve the overall satisfaction of employees and guests who use your property. Not to mention, outdoor living spaces create an ambiance that is appealing.

>>The bottom line: Investing in an outdoor living space—even a simple courtyard with comfortable seating—can pay off by improving the experience people have on your commercial property.

#4 Perk Up the Pool Area

Poolside FlowersDoes your commercial property include a swimming pool? Most homeowners associations do, and the appearance of the pool area can be a real draw for tenants.

Set your property apart by enhancing the pool area with landscaping, a covered space that offers shade, and entertainment areas that give guests a place to have fun poolside.

Some enhancements to consider are: shade sails and pergolas; swimming pool lights to add ambiance; an outdoor kitchen.

>>The bottom line: Think of your commercial property’s pool as more than a place to go swimming. By creating a true outdoor living environment, you are providing an experience that guests are willing to pay extra for, so you will gain a return on the investment.

#5 Outdoor Lighting Sets the Tone

Landscape Lighting DesignNot only does outdoor lighting fixtures enhance safety, which is critical for commercial property owners that recognize the liability associated with poor lighting—but landscape lighting also adds ambiance. Today, there is a range of outdoor lighting options, from color-changing LED lights that you can program for special occasions, to “task lighting” that illuminates spaces where people gather. If you can’t remember the last time you upgraded your outdoor lighting, it’s probably time.

>>The bottom line: Landscape lighting can maximize the investment you made in plant and outdoor features by extending the hours of enjoyment. And, lighting makes your property more visible, safe and secure.

Landscape Enhancements Create a True Outdoor Experience

Don’t settle for basic. Budget for gradual commercial landscape enhancements that will set your New York or Connecticut commercial property apart from the rest, and provide the type of experience tenants love and guests remember. Contact us for a free property assessment. We’ll walk your commercial property together and share ideas. That way, you can budget for enhancements that will deliver ROI.

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