proper irrigation systems If you enjoy having a flawless, lush green landscape surrounding your commercial property, then you know how important it is to use proper irrigation. Did you also know that about a third of your water bill comes from your outdoor water use? That’s right, every time you turn the tap to turn on your water, it’s costing you, and the reason many people overspend on water and energy is because they don’t take the time to learn how to balance conserving water and managing the health of their plant life and lawn. Lucky for you there are great irrigation systems available that eliminate the labor of manual watering and the fear that your plants aren’t getting the right amount of hydration. Plus, they allow you to care for your plant life when the weather doesn’t cooperate, such as heat waves, dry spells, storms, and other periods of bad weather. One thing is for sure, a strong irrigation system leads to a healthy and full-growing landscape, which is what every beautiful outdoor living space needs.

The first step in knowing which system is best for you is to assess your property. If you have plants, shrubs, trees, and a lawn that needs regular watering, then an irrigation system is the route to go. We recommend having a Neave Irrigation professional come walk through your property to help you design and install the system that’s best. Let’s take a look at your options and which system is the best for long-term plant life, hassle-free maintenance, and will save you money on water and energy.

In-Ground Sprinklers

Sprinkler systems are typically the best option.  Depending on the size of your commercial property, there are necessary steps to be taken to ensure proper coverage without over watering. types of sprinklersIt’s important to design a sprinkler system that targets the areas where water is needed the most. These areas would include where you have flowers, shrubs, trees, and large sections of grass. There are also ways to install a system that avoids watering dead zones such as concrete and other non-useful areas. You can also choose to have a rain sensor so you’re not over-watering your plant life when it doesn’t need it.

For commercial properties, sprinkler systems come in many different styles and sizes. You can use systems that are manually operated or fully automated. Here is a quick overview of the different styles of sprinkler systems that may be best for your property:

Impact Sprinklers – The sprinkler head is driven in a circular motion by the force of the outgoing water and has a long spray radius that re-creates the effect of natural rainfall. Impact sprinklers are great for larger areas of grass on residential and commercial properties.

Oscillating Sprinklers – A very common sprinkler that sprays out a fan-shaped curtain of water as it oscillates back and forth. It typically covers an area about 30 to 40 feet – it’s a good sprinkler to have for smaller garden and grass areas.

Pop-up Sprinklers – One of the most widely used sprinkler heads, the pop-up sprinkler can have either stationary sprays or rotating heads, called rotors. Pop-up spray heads are designed to supply a continuous stream of water to cover relatively small areas between 3 to 15 feet.

Drip System

For commercial properties, drip irrigation systems have become very popular as they are both cost efficient and effective. Instead of watering designated areas like a sprinkler system, drip systems deliver water more precisely to the roots and use less water pressure (hence the name “drip”). drip irrigation systemA drip system is great for perennial plants and trees as it improves the soil quality and life of your plants. Drip systems can be both customized for smaller residential areas such as gardens and greenhouses, and for large commercial spaces such as golf courses, parks, or outdoor office areas.

What makes a drip system a smart choice is that it allows you to conserve water and energy, while efficiently delivering water to the plant base – which helps with the longevity and growth of your plant life. It also helps your plant life thrive during dry spells or bad weather. If you’re looking for less maintenance and a more cost-effective way to properly hydrate your landscape, a drip system is what you need. Contact Neave Irrigation to determine if a drip system is right for your property.

Let the Irrigation Professionals Help

Every property is different, you may just have a small garden that needs proper irrigation, or you have a large commercial space that needs constant watering to grow to its full potential – No matter what your property needs, choosing an effective irrigation system is crucial. To get started, contact Neave Irrigation and schedule a free site analysis to determine what irrigation system will allow your landscape to grow into a beautiful outdoor utopia. In addition to installation, Neave Irrigation also offers irrigation service including winterization.

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