barnes and noble with christmas decorYour property’s commercial Christmas tree sets the tone for the holiday season. Selecting the right Christmas tree for your commercial grounds is a big deal, whether you’re managing a retail center, office park, municipality or homeowners’ association. Guests look forward to festive lighting ceremonies when the centerpiece of the holiday decorations is officially illuminated.

Here are five tips to keep in mind.

Artificial vs. Live Trees

beautiful christmas tree with gold and red decorations inside office Many property managers prefer artificial Christmas trees because they can be assembled each year and stored after the holidays. While there is an initial investment, once purchased, the tree is yours. If storage is a concern, find out if the professional holiday decorators provide this service. Also, there are Christmas tree leasing opportunities.

From an appearance perspective, artificial trees can be nearly perfect in shape with consistent branches and a manicured look. You won’t achieve this with a live tree, but there are benefits to choosing a fresh-cut commercial holiday tree. They have a natural charm and a pine aroma that many people find appealing. Plus, if you choose a balled-and-burlapped commercial Christmas tree, you can plant it after the holidays are over.

Most of our clients at Neave Décor choose an artificial tree because they can get the exact size, shape and style they desire. Leasing is the most popular option as it includes the storage and necessary refresh of decorations as needed each year.

Location, Location 

glowing christmas tree with white and blue christmas decor in office settingEvaluate the space where the commercial holiday tree will be displayed. Will it be centered in a lobby or positioned in an outdoor courtyard? Do you plan on exhibiting several different themed trees throughout your property? A holiday décor professional like the team at Neave will take specific measurements and offer tree size recommendations so there’s no guesswork.

Size Matters 

The last thing you want is to select a stunning Christmas tree that appears to be “just right” but looks puny once it’s on your property. You also want to avoid the mistake of choosing a commercial holiday tree that is overwhelmingly large and disrupts pedestrian traffic. Tree size is based on the location and your intent for the tree—whether it will be a focal point of your décor, or a tree that complements other more significant aspects of your holiday display.

Powering Christmas Lights 

glimmering multicolored christmas tree While most deoratorators are using energy efficient lighting, you’ll still need access to adequate power to light your commercial Christmas tree, along with cable extensions and hardware that is suitable for outdoor use. Lighting for holiday trees can be complex, and you want to be sure the display is energy-efficient, safe and fully automated, for your convenience.  As for the type of lights, pre-lit artificial trees with integrated lighting can save time on decorating, and colored LED and RGB lighting allows you to adjust settings to display a holiday show.

Christmas Tree Setup and Teardown 

decorated evergreens along secratary deskThe benefit of partnering with a Christmas decorating service is the labor savings you’ll gain during the busy holiday season. Not only will a professional team set up your tree, the take-down services include expertly removing lighting and displays, packing up decorations, and off-site storage if required.

Prepare Now for the Holidays

Avoid the hassle of selecting the perfect commercial holiday tree and let us handle the details. Neave Décor assists with design, installation, maintenance and take-down services.

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