Holiday decorations are not just for “the season” when you incorporate lighting and features that illuminate your property year around, or at least through the dark winter nights. A lot of times, the trees we wrap in LED white lights or festive bistro lights are so appealing that property managers want to make these permanent installations. And why not? Here are some commercial holiday decor strategies to take a holiday display into the New Year and beyond.

Outdoor Christmas tree commercial holiday decor.

A Layered Effect

People look forward to commercial holiday decorations and the excitement of a favorite retail center, restaurant or public space transforming their property into a sparkling wonderland. You can maintain that wow factor with a layered lighting approach that includes more neutral features like tree wraps, spotlights on wreaths, and building accents — along with traditional holiday decorations like a statement tree or green-and-red lights. When the holiday season ends, those specialty decorations can be professionally taken down and put into storage while the foundation layer of lighting stays up through winter.

Christmas lighting on trees that enhances the property.

LED Color-Changing Lights

Color-changing lighting technology allows you to change the theme while keeping lights in place year-round. Permanent, outdoor accent lighting can be installed along architectural features, in landscaping, in patio and gathering spaces and more. Because the commercial-grade lights withstand harsh weather conditions, you’re maximizing your investment by offering a display that lasts 12 months. You can engage visitors with stunning lighting effects that evolve with the calendar, from Christmas and New Year’s to Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and warm-weather celebrations.

Led color changing lights holiday decor on commercial property.

Leverage Landscape Lighting

Make the most of uplighting, downlighting, accent lights in the landscape and pathlighting. Consider enhancing modern landscape lighting and arranging holiday decor so the illumination already on your property highlights seasonal features. For example, we’ll position wreaths decked out with attractive bows and festive ornaments so uplighting showcases them. Or, we can switch out spotlights to green and red to give a building a traditional holiday glow. Decor placed along pathways transform typically lit walkways. There are many ways to make the most of the landscape lighting you already have on site to show off seasonal decor.

Leverage landscape lighting on commercial property.

Light the Way with Neave Decor

Destress your holidays by hiring a professional to design, install, maintain, take down and store your holiday décor. Neave Décor provides full-service holiday indoor and outdoor decorating for the Christmas season—and beyond. Let us design a holiday display that will make memories for your family and friends.

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