Green LED LightWe know that holiday lighting encourages the shopping spirit, boosts foot traffic and helps your commercial property stand out from the rest. And, LED color-changing lights keep the season bright well after the New Year. Many property managers are taking advantage of the versatility and appeal of LED light displays, which can be programmed to change colors for different holidays and events. With PermaLights 365, an LED year round light installation can go from Christmas red-and-green to a cool-blue for New Years and back to red again for Valentine’s Day. Imagine the possibilities!

You know that LED lighting is easier on your electric bill than traditional twinkle lights. But here are three hidden benefits of color-changing LED lights that make these displays a bright idea.

#1 Shine On Without Service Calls

Outdoor LED lights are dependable. The bulbs generally last up to 50,000 hours, so you won’t worry about a display burning out. Because commercial-grade outdoor LED lights are rugged and designed to weather our harsh New England winters, you’ll avoid the wear and tear that comes with DIY displays. But here’s a benefit you might not have thought about before: You can program the colors and special effects of advanced LED light systems without additional service calls. These systems come with a simple app that allows you to program colors and select special effects.

#2 You Can Change Your Mind  

LED Outdoor Building LightsHoliday lights are a must for commercial properties, and they do involve some investment. That is why many property managers stay with the same holiday theme for years, reusing light displays and decorations so they can get the most for their money. We completely understand that. But, you don’t have to commit to the same commercial holiday light look every year with color-changing LED lights. Go red and green this year, switch to blue and silver next year. Surprise guests with a confetti of color to ring in the New Year. Celebrate Independence Day with red, white and blue. These systems come with a simple app that allows you to program colors and select special effects.

#3 Keep Tenants’ Spirits Bright

LED Lights TreeOf course, guests love outdoor lighting displays. But, it’s also a mood lifter for employees. And, happy workers create a more enjoyable retail environment for shoppers. Versatile color-changing LED light displays allow you to extend the season and find ways to celebrate all kinds of events, which is fun for tenants. Program a display for the big game—you’ll boost foot traffic and tenants will appreciate the fanfare. With a color-changing LED light system, you’ll find reasons to celebrate.

Turn On the Lights!

It’s that time of year. Don’t wait to plan your commercial property’s holiday display. 

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