You’re a destination for travelers landing at your airport, and homebase to guests who are returning to your gates after spending time away. The way you welcome them to your airport can create an experience that sets the tone for whatever’s next on visitors’ agenda. Commercial decor for holidays and every day makes all the difference. Airports have evolved into retail, dining and entertainment venues while guests wait to depart, and more attention is paid to features like lighting. 

Here are some ways airports are becoming even more attractive destinations with impressive decor

Christmas airport decor on columns and hallways

Lighting the Way—Outdoor Spaces

Airport outdoor spacesThink beyond the runway lights. When guests peer out of the windows of your airport, what else do they see? Trees wrapped in sophisticated white lights can offer year-round visual appeal, as can stringing lights in branches. Attractive uplighting can accent entrances and serve as a wayfinding tool while also accenting the building. The exterior doesn’t have to feel oversized and sterile, and incorporating color-changing LED light systems allows you to easily switch the hue for special events like the team colors of the city’s NFL team before a big game, or for any holiday. Overall, strategically placed LED landscape lighting provides ambiance and improves safety. 


Airport Interior Illumination Displays

Interior illumination displaysTraveling can be stressful, and lighting can take guests out of the hustle of making connections and into a more enjoyable state of mind. Indoor light displays can add interest to dining areas and food courts inside your airport so they have less of a cafeteria feel and more of a restaurant vibe. Interior displays can include illuminating plants, or creating pergola-like structures where lighting can be added to provide an intimate space. Some airports have sculptural displays and artwork that can be lit. Because every site is different, an expert in professional decor can identify opportunities to incorporate decorative lighting into your airport environment.



Deck the Long Airport Halls 

Hanging garlands on airport hallsAirports naturally have long corridors, and you can capitalize on this space by creating pockets of interest that will appeal to travelers as they pass through concourses during the holidays. 

Here are some of the features Neave Management has installed at airport properties. 

  • Eye-Catching Wreaths: Large-scale, decorated wreaths can help fill expansive wall space inside your airport. 
  • Festive Garland: Lit roping can line escalators and automated people movers, and they can be strung throughout long corridors to add color, lighting and holiday interest. 
  • Statement Displays: Giant, glitzy ornament arrangements add a serious pop of holiday color. Other ideas include supersized snowmen, stately toy soldiers, lit reindeer, extra-large gift boxes in holiday-themed hues, and giant bows with wide ribbons that can act as garland and decorate corridors.
  • Just Add Santa: Why not give young travelers an opportunity to sit with Santa for a memorable trip to the airport? There are many ways to stage photo opportunities, including snow globes large enough to enter and high-back seats big enough for the jolly, old elf and then some. 
  • The Statement Tree: Some are traditional and decked with white lights, others are modern and architectural, and you’ve got your red-and-green Christmas and those lit with multicolored bulbs. Custom holiday trees are a decor staple. 
  • Seasonal Decor: Think beyond December holidays and give guests something to celebrate throughout the year. Neave Decor provides commercial decor for fall, Easter, Fourth of July and any other celebration. 

Your Ticket to Turnkey Professional Decorating 

Our full-service decorating team creates custom-designed displays that are professionally installed and can include all service, maintenance, take-down, storage and restoration. This way, you can focus on creating a smooth traveling experience for your guests. 

Holiday aviation decor in airport restaurants

Curious to see how your airport can make a splash during the holidays? Our work has been spotlighted on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and earned national magazine and newspaper attention. 

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