5 Reasons To Decorate Your Business BEFORE ThanksgivingMaybe this headline just made you groan. It seems the holiday hoopla sneaks in a bit earlier every year, like eager kids in footie pajamas hoping for a peek at Santa.

But stay with us. There are plenty of good reasons to decorate your business for the holidays well before you slide the Thanksgiving turkey out of the oven.

The holiday season is hectic enough. Why not get everything you can taken care of ahead of time? Getting those twinkling lights and festive garlands in place early actually makes good business sense.

Here’s are five reasons to get a jump start on decorating for the upcoming the holiday season.

You’ll Stress Less

The holiday season is already hectic enough, with stressed-out customers, employees who want to take days off, and, hopefully, extra sales.

Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to get one thing out of the way early? Then you can join your customers in actually enjoying your dazzling holiday decor.

The Weather’s Nicer

5 Reasons To Decorate Your Business BEFORE ThanksgivingWho wants to lug loads of tangled lights and piles of blinking snowflakes up a ladder and onto an ice-slicked roof in blustery 20-degree winds?

Decorate before Thanksgiving, and you could luck into a stretch of sunny days where all you need is a long-sleeved shirt to tackle the decor chore.

Everyone Will Notice You

Be the first in your area to deck the halls and you’ll get noticed. Sparkling holiday decor lures in customers ready to be enveloped in the spirit of the season.

You Could Save Money

If you use a professional for your holiday decor, they may offer you a discount to decorate early.

Hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask! Companies specializing in holiday decor want to get their work done early, too. Lots of their customers procrastinate, so they love the ones who want to get their decor installed early.

Flip The Switch Whenever You’re Ready

Even if you don’t want to turn on the holiday glow until Thanksgiving, at least everything will be in place early and you can dramatically announce “Let there be light!” whenever the mood strikes.

Maybe you can even make a special event of it, unveiling your beautiful holiday decor during a special sale just for your most loyal customers!

Let Neave Light Up Your Business

Neave Decor has beautified New York and Connecticut businesses for the holidays for more than a decade.

Our staff of designers will work closely with you to create an ambiance that reflects your passion for the holidays.

Neave does it all, including lighting, ornaments, arrangements, decorative statues, automated systems for timing and energy efficiency and anything else you can dream up.

Let us climb the ladders and do all the fussing. All you have to do is approve the design, then bask in the holiday glow. The holidays are just around the corner!

If you’re in the Hudson Valley, call us at (845) 463-0592. If you’re in Westchester County, call (914) 271-7996; from Connecticut, dial (203) 212-4800. Or, fill out our simple web form, and we’ll contact you about setting up your free consultation.

Sure, enjoy your turkey, your football, your pumpkin pie. Then be thankful your holiday decorating is ready to twinkle.

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