seasonal color trendsClassic blue is Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year—a classic we’re seeing on interior walls, in wardrobes and in nurseries as we select annuals to spruce up commercial properties in New Jersey and New York. 

A bit about Pantone’s famed color of the year: The company introduced its famous color matching system in 1963, and it informs industries such as printing, graphic design and fashion. For more than two decades, Pantone has named a color of the year, also prescribing complementary colors in various palettes. 

Classic blue “helps induce a gently calming effect,” according to Pantone. We also think it brings the ocean to our landscapes, and the color can feel buttoned up in formal commercial landscapes while playing well with vibrant lime-green and tropical coral. 

Here are five ways to use Pantone’s color of the year on your commercial property as you consider refreshing annual beds and containers or incorporating landscape design features like stone or even seating. 

#1 Go Monochrome 

Blue salvia, petunias and verbena are popular picks, and you can layer these annuals in a bed or container, selecting plants with a range of heights, varying foliage and different shades of blue blooms.

#2 Plant Calming Containers

When classic blue is paired with peach and baby blue, the combination creates a soothing effect. Consider areas of your commercial property where visitors go to sit and relax. Where could you incorporate more calm? By building containers that feature this color combination, you can add peace and style to the site. 

#3 Go Bold and Bright

Classic blue tempers vibrant annuals that are fuchsia, lime-green, coral or jasmine. The blue serves as a rich canvas, allowing the bright colors to pop. Try traditional violas with a shot of pink impatiens, and if you envy some green try jade zinnia. Talk to a landscape professional at Neave Management about pairing plants with similar light and soil moisture requirements so they’ll thrive in the same container or bed.  

#4 Bring in Blue Property Enhancements

Beyond blooms, stone is another way to incorporate shades of blue that act as a classic backdrop for annuals. Border a bedded area with bluestone or incorporate stone outcroppings in annual beds. Select classic blue containers. 

#5 Furnish Gathering Spaces with a Bit of Blue 

Classic blue Adirondack chairs are a welcome sign on a commercial property—an inviting, functional touch. If you’re not sure about changing the annual color scheme, adding blue furnishings to your commercial property is another way to update your look. 

Refresh Your Look This Spring

Feeling inspired? We’ll help you pick some annuals and property enhancements that will update your commercial landscape. 

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