Seasonal Color Programs at Hudson Pointe. What to look for in a Hudson Valley landscape services.

Wouldn’t it be great if the Hudson Valley landscaping maintenance companies you shouldn’t hire had a big red flag out front, warning you they’re not the best choice?

Welcome to the next best thing: a list of red flags to avoid when you’re considering landscape maintenance companies for your commercial property maintenance.

There’s a lot at stake here. You want the best Hudson Valley landscape services.

You know that when customers approach your business, it only takes a few seconds for that important first impression.

It can be tough to choose. Let’s make it easier. If you see any of these red flags while vetting a commercial landscaper in Hudson Valley, back away.

Poor Communication

Are you still waiting to hear back from the landscape maintenance company you called a week ago? Consider this a bad sign.

If they don’t reply promptly to a prospective customer, what happens when you try to contact them about a problem?

The Business Owner Won’t Provide References

Be immediately suspicious about this. A reputable company that does quality work should be eager for you to talk to their customers. They know you’ll hear glowing remarks.

No references? What are they hiding?

There Are No Photos Of Their Work

Again, red flag. A quality company should have lots of photos that show examples of the landscapes they design and maintain. It’s one of the best ways to show off their impressive work.

No photos? Why not?

They Offer A Suspiciously Low Estimate

Chances are when you compare bids from a handful of qualified landscape maintenance companies, their estimates should be in the same ballpark. If they’re skilled and experienced, they know what it takes to care for your property and will price accordingly.

If one bid is significantly low, why? Are they cutting corners for the services offered? Do they save money by not offering staff training or securing insurance?

No Proof Of Insurance

This is especially important. In fact, consider this worth two red flags.

If your contractor isn’t properly insured, you could be held accountable if a landscaper gets injured on your grounds.

Be extra vigilant about this. Ask to see proof of workers’ compensation and general liability insurance before you invite the landscape company to bid.

Lack Of Certification and Company Licenses

Landscaper working around garden and shrubs. Some are a family owned company or a family owned business but still needs to go through certification to be able to provide excellent services.

Certification matters. Let’s take snow removal, for example. In the snow management industry, certification requires rigorous education, and it sets a high standard.

To earn the certification, companies must meet stringent safety standards and follow the best snow and ice management practices.

Certification from the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) means a snow and ice management company meets the highest expectations.

Snow and ice can create serious liabilities for commercial property owners if not managed with care.

Certification gives you peace of mind.

Neave Snow and Ice Management is a fully insured, ASCA-accredited, ISO 9001–certified service that offers the highest level of customer service. Our commitment to excellence made us one of Snow Magazine’s top 100 snow contractors in North America.

Certification isn’t just a piece of paper. It’s a mark of excellence.

Company license is proof of business legitimacy.

A valid license is the first indication that a contractor might be qualified to do a landscaping project. It is also a good way to test basic competency and screen out dishonest contractors. However, you should also know the licensing requirements for your state before you hire a landscape contractor. To find more licensing information for the state of New York, visit the NY licensing requirements page.

Lack Of Training

A quality landscape contractor commits time and resources to train their employees to be able to provide an excellent job.

You want the best care possible in all areas of your commercial landscape. You don’t want a one-size-fits-all crew who does everything OK, but nothing expertly.

At Neave Group Outdoor Solutions, we’ve developed a comprehensive training program for employees on all levels. We pair on-site learning with weekly training meetings on safe practice procedures, operation of equipment, horticultural practices, construction practices and a host of other topics.

Continued education and training matter.

No Drug Enforcement Policies Or Criminal Background Checks

It’s important to know exactly who will be on your property and if any of their employees have criminal records.

Ask what type of background checks the contractor runs on their employees, and make sure that list includes a criminal check.

And when you’re considering potential commercial landscape contractors, make sure they enforce a zero-tolerance drug policy. Drugs and heavy machinery are a dangerous combination for everyone.

A Fuzzy Contract

Your contract should be crystal clear and well defined, with no room for misunderstanding. Read it carefully.

It should include standard legal language, including the contract terms, amounts to be paid, and the payment schedule.

Look for a complete description of the services they’ll provide, as well as the time of year they’ll be provided. You don’t want any surprises.

Lack Of Year-Round Service

Your operated business is open year round. That means your property has specific and differing needs based on the season.

You want one landscape maintenance contractor who can meet all of your property’s needs — spring, summer, fall, and winter.

When one full-service company takes care of your property — from spring fertilizing to fall clean-up to annual color plantings to snow removal — they get to know your property inside and out. They’ll know exactly what it needs at what time and they’ll notice potential problems before they get out of control.

And when you need something, you have just one vendor to call.

Their Fleet Of Vehicles Is Poorly Maintained

The first thing you — and your customers — see when landscape maintenance crews are working on your property are their vehicles. What kind of image do they present?

The appearance of your contractor’s vehicles — and the crews that arrive in them — are a reflection of you and your property.

You’re In Good Hands With Neave

View of park bench and houses during early spring shows the beautiful lawn service done.

At Neave Group Outdoor Solutions, we’re confident about our services. Ask us anything. We’ll happily provide references and show you stunning photos of our award-winning work.

Our fleets are meticulously maintained and our crews wear professional uniforms. You’ll be proud to see us on your property.

Insurance, certifications, licensing? Yes, yes and yes. We’re happy to show you proof. Just ask!

No red flags here. Just exceptional service, exceeding a client’s expectation, attention to detail, skilled and qualified employees and an unparalleled reputation that has made us the first choice of commercial property owners for more than 40 years. All your lawn care needs which include weed eating, mowing, trimming, mulching and more will be taken care of and we will also apply the latest landscape techniques.

Landscape Designs? Landscape Lighting? We Got Your Back.

We offer a wide variety of commercial landscaping services including full color landscape designs, sod installation, landscape lighting and installation, landscaping front flower beds, mulch installation, seeding and fertilization services, irrigation installation and repair, stone edging, and more!

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There’s not a red flag in sight.

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