prune trees and shrubs in the fall

One of the landscaping services that every business in New Jersey should have performed is tree and shrub pruning. The condition of the plant life on your commercial property goes a long way toward creating an image for the entire business. And while a lush, green lawn and clean hard surfaces are important, the trees and shrubbery that add detail to your property must also be in excellent shape year-round to get the desired effect.


By the time late spring and summer make their debut, your commercial property should be in top condition, but it is back in the fall when the important pruning work on trees and shrubs should have taken place. Fall is typically the best time for tree and shrub pruning for businesses in New Jersey for a handful of reasons.

Fall in New Jersey


Fall in New Jersey can range from the mid 70’s F to mid 50’s F depending on how deep into the season you get. Later in the season, you may experience morning frost, but for the most part, the days are cool and comfortable. The leaves usually begin changing color in late September or early October, depending on the species of tree, and before too long the ground around your business will be covered with leaves.

Trim Back Summer Growth


One of the reasons that fall is an excellent time to prune trees and shrubs is because it gives you an opportunity to trim back excess growth from the summer. Summers in New Jersey are hot, and the stems and branches of your trees and shrubs will experience a growth spurt that needs to be curtailed when the fall comes. That’s not to say we won’t be keeping your trees and shrubs in top condition during the summer, but fall offers a unique opportunity to remove the unwanted growth from the summer. If the summer overgrowth gets to the point that it is close to wires or could interfere with people visiting the property, it could become a safety risk, too.

Maintain the Shape You Want


A meticulously landscaped business will have shrubs and small trees that are shaped to complement the whole property. Fall provides a great time to get your trees and shrubs back into shape because it’s easier for us to see what we are doing when the leaves are gone. Plus, with a dormant period coming up, it will help get your trees ready for the next season. If you are a New Jersey business owner or property manager that wants your landscaping to make a statement during every season, then keeping the shape of your trees and shrubs throughout the fall is a must.

Get the Best View of What You Are Doing


Fall is the probably the most efficient time for tree and shrub pruning for businesses in New Jersey because as the temperatures cool and the leaves fall, the pruner can get a clear view of what he is doing. The bare state of the limbs on bushes and trees are ideal for trimming away unwanted growth, removing dead or diseased parts, or maintaining the overall aesthetic of the plant. When the plants are covered in leaves, it can be difficult to catch every detail, and high-quality work is easier to perform in the fall.

Keeping Plant Life Healthy


Maintaining the health of trees and shrubs is probably the main reason for timely pruning. By removing dead, damaged, or diseased stems and branches, the plants will have a much better chance of staying healthy through the rest of the fall and winter, preventing decay and not allowing insects and other harmful organisms to enter. Dead branches also hinder the growth of new, healthy branches, so it’s best to have them removed. If you wait until the spring to prune trees and shrubs, there could be an issue with wound healing as sap runs out.

Long-Term Cost Savings


When you combine all of the reasons why fall is the best time for tree and shrub pruning for businesses in New Jersey, it becomes apparent there is a monetary benefit, as well. By keeping the trees and shrubs as healthy as possible and giving them high-quality care, you will extend their lifespan and prolong the amount of time you have before you need to plant new ones. The time and money you have saved allow you to allocate that budget to other things while maintaining the beauty of your property.


When you work with Neave Group for your business’s tree and shrub pruning in New Jersey, you can feel confident that the investment you’ve made in your landscaping won’t go to waste. We will ensure your trees and shrubs are in the best health possible and are visually appealing to everyone who visits your property. We offer a range of pruning options that include fine pruning, crown reduction pruning, standard pruning, and hazard pruning, so you’ll be covered no matter what condition your trees and shrubs are in.

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