So, you’ve been tasked with hiring a commercial landscape management contractor to tend to your commercial property. Easy, right?

All you need to do is find someone with a few trucks, crew members to fill them, and the tools, chemicals, and know-how to get the job done. Right — like any “easy” task, there’s a lot more than meets the eye to the task of choosing the company that will ensure your business and property looks as professional and manicured as possible.

Without a background in landscaping, it’s hard to know the right questions to ask and it would be hard to choose from a pool of landscaping companies. Read on to learn more about how a commercial landscaping company can help you with your landscaping project.

Landscaping company Neave Group shares questions to ask before hiring a landscape contractor.

Different Types of Landscapers

There are different types of landscapers that people can choose from. Each type of landscaper has their own unique set of skills and services that they offer to their clients. It is important for people to understand what each type of landscaper does in order to choose the right one for their needs. Below are the different types of landscapers.

Landscape Contractor

A commercial landscape management contractor is a professional who is hired to design and install outdoor spaces. This may include gardens, lawns, walkways, ponds, and other features. By hiring a professional landscaper you can get all your project completed all at once so that you can focus on what’s important and that is your business.

Landscape contractors have a wide range of skills, including carpentry, masonry, irrigation installation and maintenance, and plant identification and care. Landscape professionals also cater to the management of your property which includes weekly landscape maintenance. They must be able to visualize and create outdoor spaces that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and in harmony with the existing landscape. They can interpret the vision of what you want for your landscaping projects.

Landscape contractor checking out the plan for the landscape design of the entire yard.

Landscape Manager

A landscape manager is someone who is responsible for the overall look of a property. This includes the plants, trees, and other features that make up the landscaping. Landscape managers may also be responsible for maintaining these features, which can include watering plants, trimming trees, and more.

Landscape Architect

Landscape Architects are responsible for the design of your outdoor spaces. They will help you to choose plants and materials that fit within your commercial property landscaping budget, while also creating a beautiful space that can be enjoyed all year round. By looking beyond the current season, they are able to plan yards that will impress their clients for years to come.

Landscape Designer

Landscape designers usually don’t have the academic degree required of landscape architects, but the two jobs are similar.

Flower bed and regular yard maintenance are handled by landscaping professionals.

Criteria to Look for in Finding the Best Landscape Contractor

When it comes to finding the best landscape contractor, there are certain things you need to look for. Here are important criteria to keep in mind:

1. Experience

Hiring a landscape contractor can be a daunting task. You want to make sure you are hiring the best person for the job, but how do you know who to trust? There are a few things you can look for to help you make your decision. First, experience is key. Make sure the contractor has been in business for several years and has a proven track record.

2. Credentials

When hiring a landscape contractor, it is important to consider their credentials. Credentials can include things such as licensing, insurance, and certification.

Licensing is important because it ensures that landscape professionals have met the minimum requirements set by the state or local government. This includes completing a training program and passing an exam.

General liability insurance is important because it gives you peace of mind knowing that the contractor will be financially responsible if something were to go wrong.

Certification can be an indicator of a landscape contractor’s experience and expertise. It typically indicates that they have undergone additional training beyond what is required for licensure.

When considering potential landscaping contractors, it is important to carefully review their credentials and choose one that is the best fit for your needs.

Online review concept image.

3. Reviews

When it comes to hiring a landscape professional, reviews are key. You want to make sure you’re hiring a company that has a good reputation, sustainable practices and that past clients have been happy with the work they’ve done. Checking online review sites is a great way to get an idea of what people think about a particular contractor. It is also best to scan the Better Business Bureau for complaints so that you will be able to avoid contractors with bad work ethics. And if you know anyone who’s had recent work done on their property, don’t hesitate to ask for a recommendation. With a little research and online reviews, you should be able to find the perfect contractor for your needs.

4. Portfolio

When hiring a landscape contractor, it is important to check their portfolio. This will give you an idea of the types of landscapes they have created in the past and what styles they are comfortable with. It can also help you gauge their level of expertise and creativity.

5. Communication style

The landscape contractor communicates with the homeowner in a clear and concise manner. He is always willing to answer any questions that the homeowner has and makes sure that they completely understand the work that will be done. The contractor also keeps the homeowner up-to-date on the progress of the project and is always available to address any concerns.

6. Pricing

When pricing a landscape contractor, it is important to consider the quality of work that you expect. Be sure to ask for an estimate in writing and get references from past clients. Ask the contractor questions about the work they would do and what materials they would use. Be sure to have a realistic commercial landscape budget in mind before starting any landscape project.

Pricing vs value concept image.

Questions that Prospective Clients Ask

We at Neave Group always expect to hear these questions from our prospective clients — and will still answer honestly and thoroughly, even if we aren’t asked.

How do you prepare your client estimates?

Any commercial landscape management contractor worth their fertilizer should start by walking your property with you in person. That on-site meeting will help them evaluate your property accurately, determine areas of concern and create a site map to give them an idea of what it will take to best care for your commercial property.

Based on that meeting, they can evaluate what equipment and crews they’ll need to maintain the area and establish a carefully put together, clearly-defined estimate.

What type of training do your crews receive?

Every employee who touches product and equipment should have solid knowledge of how to use and maintain the items they’re working with, whether it’s mowers and trimmers or application and use guidelines for fertilizers and pest-control products.

Management should offer comprehensive training sessions for all their employees, new and old, on products and equipment but also on how to perform their jobs as efficiently and safely as possible.

How can we be sure that you’ll stick to the contract terms and specifications?

It’s hard to know for sure whether you’re getting what you pay for — and a lot of landscape management contractors cut corners because of this. So much so that third-party evaluation companies have emerged to ensure that landscape management contractors are fulfilling their service obligations.

At Neave Group, we build checklists and establish schedules that we follow to a T — right down to line items. And when we say we’re going to use a certain product, we ensure that’s the one that our crews bring to your property.

How do you address emergency landscaping situations?

Beyond the basic commercial property maintenance needs, what if there’s a big storm that knocks a tree limb down? (What if a semi-trailer drives on the lawn and leaves big, muddy tracks before your annual meeting?)

There should be more than one way for you to get a hold of your commercial landscape management contractor during storm season, hot summers, and the cruelest of winters. There should also be a guarantee that they’ll get back to you when you have an urgent situation and need their help, even if it’s as seemingly small as a big client coming to town and needing some new pansies out front. At Neave Group, we have an emergency phone line that welcomes your call 24/7/365.

Outdoor landscape of the commercial building which is one of our large scale projects.

You can trust Neave Group to manage your commercial property with the best of care. Give us a call to discuss your commercial landscape management needs. In the Hudson Valley, New York area, please call (845) 463-0592, Westchester, New York call (914) 271-7996), Connecticut call (203) 212-4800, and New Jersey call (201) 591-4570.