Container Plants with Seasonal Color

Container gardens give you the flexibility to swap out plant colors and varieties with ease—and the freedom to change your mind throughout the year, since replacing container plants does not disturb the rest of your landscape. Container plants can have seasonal themes or act as permanent mini-gardens in areas that can’t accommodate a landscape bed but could use a pop of color. Plus, with the range of decorative and artistic containers available, there’s an appeal in the plants and the pot. Because containers act as moveable gardens, they are ideal for entrances, along walkways and in gathering spaces on your commercial property.

Here are five container planting strategies that will deliver high-impact, on-budget curb appeal to your Westchester, NY property.

#1 Container Plants with Seasonal Color

Container gardens are an ideal way to include seasonal color plants. You can also test out colors and varieties in containers before including those new plants on other areas of your property. For holidays, specialty plants and décor in containers add an easy festive touch to the grounds.

#2 Go Big—Large Containers Anchor an Entrance

Large containers can accommodate evergreens and smaller trees, including dwarf conifers, Privet, and Japanese maples. Generous-sized containers can stand alone with a single statement plant, or be combined with other containers in an arrangement. A bonus: Because large containers hold more soil, they tend to be lower maintenance than smaller pots that can require more frequent watering.  

Seasonal Colors for Commercial Property

#3 Container Variety—Create Planting Arrangements

Group together different container sizes filled with plants to create a landscape bed without the commitment of actually digging into your property. Choose one large statement container that can hold an evergreen plant or even a small tree. Include medium and smaller containers with color that can be changed out easily.

#4 Think in Layers—Thrill, Fill and Spill

A well-constructed container plant arrangement should include a focal point—the “thrill.” This plant should rise above the rest. Next comes the “fill” with plants that add volume and texture to the container. Finally, a “spill” is a trailing plant that creeps over the container edge and softens the look. Together, these three elements create a well-balanced, visually interesting container garden.

Commercial Property Planting Arrangements

#5 Beyond Plants—Add Lights to Container Plantings

Containers themselves can act as an architectural feature, and you can play up the staple plants inside them by adding lights. For example, manicured evergreen shrubs and boxwood twinkle at night with LED holiday lights on sensors so they illuminate after dusk. Highlight containers at an entryway with spotlights that add after-dark dimension to plantings.

Container Plantings Add Easy Impact to a Commercial Property

Versatile container gardens give property managers the flexibility to easily add seasonal color while adding visual impact to entrances and gathering spaces. Our team can advise on the best container plants for your commercial site based on the color scheme, maintenance requirements and the overall aesthetic of your property.

Containers add color and beauty to areas that need sprucing up. If interested in setting up landscape management services, contact Neave Landscaping and a Neave Group commercial property associate will get in touch.