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When working with Neave Group – Snow and Ice Management, you’re working with an experienced team of professionals that are trained in-house to ensure that they attain the highest standards of excellence in customer service.

Step 1 – Property Assessment

After you have contacted us and scheduled an appointment, a Neave Group – Snow and Ice Management contractor will visit your property and perform a thorough survey with a member of your staff. During the survey, you can point out specific areas of concern, analyze danger zones and assess places that would make for good snow storage. Your Neave Group – Snow and Ice Management contractor will also examine particular areas of interest such as walkways, entry points and will also call attention to zones that may be hazardous in cases of extreme weather.

Step 2 – Design A Plan Of Action

Snow-Management-Plan-300x300Once your property assessment has been completed, a comprehensive outline of services will be presented to you that allows your property, facility or business to function at optimal levels during the winter months. We have an assortment of action plans that fit every budget. Pricing will be based on per-push, per-event or seasonal subscriptions.

While there are certain daily measures that can be taken by your own staff, such as salting walkways, most of the major work will need to be done by Neave Group – Snow & Ice Management. Working with Neave Group – Snow & Ice Management provides access to our wide range of special skills and services that allow your property to safely operate in the winter months. We perform regular scheduled snow and ice removal management services and proactively respond to any sudden weather events that require our attention.

Neave Group – Snow & Ice Management staffers monitor weather patterns routinely so that we can react preemptively in the case of extreme weather or storms. Our services are available 24/7 and our staff is on call at all times so you can contact us in the case of an emergency.

Step 3 – Initiate Plan Of Action

Once your plan of action is finalized, we will get to work. Your Neave Group – Snow & Ice Management contractor will coordinate all of the equipment and personnel that is required to manage your snow and ice removal during the winter months. If there are any changes to the service that need to be made, your contractor will be able to apply them to your plan of action.

It is our goal to maintain a steady line of communication with our clients throughout the winter months in order to ensure that all of their needs for snow and ice removal are met. Your Neave Group – Snow & Ice Management contractor will remain your single point of contact throughout the season, and our customer support line is available 24/7 in case of emergency. No matter what winter tries to surprise you with, Neave Group – Snow & Ice Management will be there.

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I am writing to express my gratitude for your commitment to the property and for promptly responding to my multiple requests in the past few months. I understand that you have been involved with the property for a number of years and the owners have shared with me their satisfaction with your services, but since I came in to the property in the capacity of the rooms division manager, I cannot overlook the fact that you have gone above and beyond in assisting me with last minute projects. The …

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